Britney Spears Releases Music Video For “Perfume” & Tugs At Our Hearts

Britney Spears Releases Music Video For "Perfume" & Tugs At Our Hearts

Britney Spears, yesterday, released the official music video for her latest single, Perfume, off of her new album, Britney Jean. The song itself caught me right away. First, it was an emotional roller coaster. Second, it let us hear a rawer, more vulnerable Britney than we’ve experienced in some time. There was no loud background music or heavy auto-tuning. It’s a song that sounds like it was just Britney, a microphone, and a whole lot of tear soaked lyrics.

The video features Britney heavily, as it damn well should, with her mysterious, handsome boyfriend. The two are seen in various locales – like a motel roof, a deserted downtown street, and a very shabby looking mattress.

The whole song plays on Britney’s insecurities as the current girlfriend of a man who she’s having a hard time trusting. All this comes to a head, however, when she sees that he’s receiving texts from someone named Cindy. We’re led to believe, because that’s the way the lyrics imply it, that this Cindy character is Brit’s boyfriend’s ex.

Things go down when Britney sees them canoodling at a gas station and sitting on the same motel roof that Britney and her man had once occupied. After some lonely soul-searching, the video ends with “boyfriend” and Cindy together in a kitchen and Britney leaning against a door frame, apparently heartbroken.

For those unaware, this was not the original version of the video, according to its director, Joseph Kahn. Of course, we have this amazing photo of Britney with a gun, which promises a much more action-packed and slightly more dramatic version to Britney’s tale of heartbreak. Only time will tell if RCA plans to released the director’s cut.

Britney Spears Perfume Video

Naturally, a petition has been started demanding that RCA release the director’s cut of Perfume.

Perfume by Britney Spears


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    Heartbreaking song. He may be gorgeous, with hella fine abs, but walk away girl.

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