Lea Michele Discusses Her Album And A Role On “American Horror Story”

Lea Michele Discusses Her Album And A Role On "American Horror Story"

Glee star Lea Michele stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk to the host about her debut album, Louder. While she was there, Lea discussed some of her vocal preparations that she goes through the day of a performance, which include no dairy and watching what she eats.

Other topics that the two lovely ladies discussed included Cory Monteith‘s influence on the album after his passing. Lea said, “The album was actually completed June of last year. We added two songs over the summer.” With regards to the selection of music on the album, Lea discussed the fact that they were able to find a “really good… balance on the whole record of fun songs… and obviously there’s the sad songs.”

Ellen brought up Glee‘s 100th episode, which aired this week, and Lea was quick to say that she “work for Ryan Murphy for the rest of my life.” Not only did she hint at a possible Glee spin-off, but Lea also touched on the idea of being on the upcoming season of American Horror Story, which many believe will be set around a carnival theme. “I know what the theme is for next year,” she said, “And I’m in.” There’s, of course, been no confirmation of Lea’s participation in the upcoming season of AHS, but I’m sure Glee fans would love to see Rachel Berry make a transition to a much darker and edgier television show.

Finally, Lea discussed her upcoming book, Brunette Ambition, which will combine advice from Lea on fitness, nutrition, fashion, and more. The book will be released in May of this year.

Check out the full interview here:

What do you think of the possibility of Lea Michele being on American Horror Story?


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