“Once Upon a Time” Warns Residents Of Storybrooke With Witch Watch 2014

"Once Upon a Time" Warns Residents Of Storybrooke With Witch Watch 2014

ABC released a hilarious promotional video for Once Upon a Time and it’s all about their latest fairytale figure, The Wicked Witch.

In this video, Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla), mayor of Storybrooke, warns residents of the small town to be on the look out for a witch.

Watch the full Wicked Witch Watch here:

Acting just like a typical news anchor and coming to you live from Storybrooke town hall, Regina begins by telling viewers that the town is under an official Wicked Witch Watch.

She tells the townspeople that they should be prepared with a full bucket of room temperature water, with at least 2 back up buckets.

Regina warns that danger also comes from the flying monkeys that have been known to carry away full grown humans and turn humans in to flying monkeys themselves. Not only that, but they transmit fleas. She does continue by saying, however, that flying squirrels are not currently a threat.

She’s interrupted by a breaking news story where she tells viewers that a wicked witch has been sighted approaching the town centre from the west. She cautions residents to take cover and wanrs them not to discharge firearms in to the sky.

Regina finishes by saying that if any townspeople have a bicycle, a broom, or a pair of sparkly pumps, they need to store them in a secure place.

During the broadcast, the news ticker at the bottom shares some hilarious information, that’s hard to catch the first time you watch the video, but is definitely worth going back and watching again, just to read them completely.

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday nights at 8/7C on ABC.

What do you think of Once Upon a Time‘s Witch Watch?


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