“Modern Family” Season 5, Episode 19 “A Hard Jay’s Night” Preview

"Modern Family" Season 5, Episode 19 "A Hard Jay's Night" Preview

Modern Family is back this week with another hilarious episode! Last week, we saw the adult characters of ABC’s hit show head off to Las Vegas for some much needed rest-and-relaxation – though it didn’t seem like any of them got that.

This week, it’s all about who stole the cake topper for Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron’s (Eric Stonestreet) wedding! Tensions run high and its family vs. family as the members of our favourite “modern family” begin to turn on each other.

Check out this just-released preview to see how it all unfolds:

Here’s the full synopsis for this week’s episode:

“Mitch struggles to hide his true feelings about the unflattering wedding topper Cam’s father whittled out of soap for them, Phil tries to help Gloria sell her pre-Jay apartment but they get sidetracked at the neighborhood salon, and Claire and the kids head over to Jay’s early to help him prep for the special night with the family he’s hosting but they end up just butting heads…”

Modern Family season 5, episode 19 “A Hard Jay’s Night” airs Wednesday night at 9/8C on ABC.

Who do you think is responsible for the missing cake topper on Modern Family?


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