“True Blood” Season 7 Teaser Trailer: “There’s No One Left”

"True Blood" Season 7 Teaser Trailer: "There's No One Left"
HBO teases the final season of "True Blood" in this new teaser trailer. Who will survive?

HBO has released another trailer for the upcoming seventh and final season of True Blood.

In it, we see what life is like for the residents of Bon Temps after the zombie vampires invade and the US government leaves the humans to fend for themselves. Voicedover the clips, Sookie (Anna Paquin) asks, “How can this be happening – in this country? In this day-and-age? That our government would leave us for dead?

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Watch the full teaser trailer below:

With the end of last season, we saw the zombie vampires stalking the townspeople at a celebration, we can only imagine that the first episode of season 7 will start off with a bang. Given the fact that it’s the show’s final season, we’re sure HBO is looking to end the series on a high-note. Could this mean more deaths of our favourite characters? Will the telepathic waitress we’ve all come to love make it out alive?

True Blood season 7 will premiere on Sunday, June 22 at 9PM on HBO.

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Do you think the residents of Bon Temps will survive the massacre?


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