“Reign” Season 1, Episode 20 Preview: “Higher Ground”

"Reign" Season 1, Episode 20 Preview: "Higher Ground"
PREVIEW: On this week's all-new episode of "Reign," Mary makes a very difficult decision bout her country and Francis goes into battle.

Last week on Reign, we saw Francis choose his country over Mary’s when the Queen of Scots uncle arrived with his army. Scotland was in danger and so was Mary de Guise (Mary’s mother), but Mary’s plans to save her people was overshadowed by King Henry’s desire to reclaim captured French territory from the English. Ultimately, Francis chose to help his father succeed because he knew that the risk was far greater should he not.

Watch a preview for this week’s all new episode:

The synopsis for the episode says:

“Mary (Adelaide Kane) enlists a mercenary to help her, which forces her to realize there are sacrifices and lives she is willing to risk to save her country. Francis (Toby Regbo) embraces his role as Dauphin to lead France in a brutal battle against England, and finds a new ally in Leith (guest star Jonathan Keltz). Meanwhile, as Lola (Anna Popplewell) grows closer to Lord Julien (guest star Giacomo Gianniotti), she gets increasingly suspicious that he is going to betray her.”

Reign, season 1, episode 20 “Higher Ground” airs Thursday, May 1 at 9PM EST on The CW.

Do you think Mary will be able to save her mother and her country?


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