New Format, New Hopes for “24: Live Another Day”

New Format, New Hopes for "24: Live Another Day"

May 5th marked the evening when the wildly successful TV series, “24” aired a 2-hour premiere for a continued story line entitled “24: Live Another Day“.

Viewers participating in this event no doubt have noticed some major changes in the tone that was set for this introduction and the format of the storytelling, as opposed to previous seasons of “24“.

Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer) comments on the new story line:

“… Jack Bauer usually started off every season working within the infrastructure of whatever government agency he’s a part of, or in line with the president of the United States. This season not only is he not working within the context of that infrastructure, that he’s actually working on his own, but the people that he’s trying to help are actually hunting him and they’re trying to either kill or arrest him.”

The fact that Jack Bauer is a tireless character championed against global threats has not changed, but a long break from the show has given the directorship and executive production crew a chance to reflect on what to keep in the show and what to remove. The gimmick that the TV series was most famous for was running the events in real-time, meaning every minute that passed for the audience translated to exactly one minute that passed in the story line (commercial breaks excepted). The series’ name, “24” refers to the format of the original show: 24 hours in a day, 24 episodes in a season, with each episode representing one hour on a day of great crisis.

This had never been done on prime-time television before, which made it very exciting and engaging, but also accounted for some incredibly boring segments of story that could easily lose interest from an impatient viewer. For “24: Live Another Day“, the heads have decided to run the special event in 12 episodes, though still keeping the trademark real-time format. Kiefer Sutherland has shown a great deal of excitement for this change:

“I remember it was in season two, I was stuck on a plane for two hours, and it was like the most boring crap we’d ever made… so [only having 12 episodes is]helpful for that. It gives the writers some more latitude.”

Check out the extended trailer for the special event here:


Do you think if this event is successful enough that FOX will continue to produce the series after the event or is this a one-time deal?


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