“X-Men” Mutants Featured In New Axe Commercial

"X-Men" Mutants Featured In New Axe Commercial

A new commercial has been released promoting Axe body spray in association with the much-anticipated X-Men: Days of Future Past arriving in theatres May 23rd. Have a look here:

Axe is well-known for marketing its deodorant as a tool to gain sex appeal. The normal (but not absolute) model for their commercials goes something like this:

  1. Enter ‘averagely appealing’ guy.
  2. Said guy applies Axe body spray.
  3. Guy encounters wildly attractive girl(s).
  4. Girl(s) seem(s) indifferent until…
  5. Girl(s) smell(s) Axe on subject guy.
  6. Girl(s) is(are) insatiably aroused and express(es) interest in guy.
  7. Cue Axe logo.

I use plurals liberally as some of their commercials feature literally hundreds of bikini models chasing after one guy who is emptying a can of the spray on himself, as seen here:

Curiously, this X-Men Axe commercial did not feature any person applying or even smelling the trademark spray. On my first (and second and third and fourth) viewing I was unable to decipher what was going on exactly. Two people exhibit pathetic mutant powers and a third mutant, who is featured in the upcoming film as Havok (Lucas Till), demonstrates more impressive destructive powers akin to Cyclops’ laser beam. Then the pathetic mutant guy asks  the pathetic mutant girl if she wants to get dinner and off they go into the beautiful courtyard on a summer afternoon.

Only then I realized the obvious Axe solution to this mystery. The first mutant guy is able to inflate or grow his entire body, which might have sexual implications, and perhaps that is why the mutant girl eagerly accepts his date invitation.

Do you think product endorsements for upcoming films actually help the film or do they adversely affect the public opinion of it?


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  • Chad Lakkis

    bingo. he can enlarge himself on command and she is “wild”. pretty pathetic but spot on.

    • Doug

      My detective skills have not failed me then! Haha. Thanks for the feedback Chad 🙂