5-Minute Extended Trailer For “The Flash” Is Better Than We Expected

5-Minute Extended Trailer For "The Flash" Is Better Than We Expected
A 5-minute extended trailer for the upcoming CW series, "The Flash," has just been released and it features a lot of Grant Gustin goodness!

Run, Barry, run!

We just reported on the 1-minute promo clip of the upcoming The Flash series that premiered last night during the season finale of Arrow. Well, now we have a 5-minute extended trailer filled with Grant Gustin goodness, a lot of running, and a bit of Stephen Amell.

Watch the full trailer now:

The trailer is mostly quick clips from the pilot, but still manages to give us a chance to understand Barry’s past and how those events will shape his future as a superhero.

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Can we please just get Amell and Gustin into the upcoming Justice League movie? Please?

What do you think of the extended “The Flash” trailer?


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