“Sailor Moon” To Begin Streaming On Hulu

"Sailor Moon" To Begin Streaming On Hulu
Hulu is set to begin streaming episodes of "Sailor Moon" beginning May 19. Through they're pact with Viz Media, they'll be streaming all five seasons.

For the first time in almost 10 years, Sailor Moon will be coming back to North American audiences, Variety reports. Hulu, through their deal with Viz Media (the company that has acquired exclusive North American rights from Toei Animation) will stream the first four episodes of Sailor Moon, completely uncut and remastered, beginning May 19. After that, they will be adding two new episodes every Monday.

For now, it seems, the episodes will only be subtitled, but the English dubbed versions might not be too far behind.

Watch the official announcement trailer here:

Viz Media’s deal with Toei Animation spans i all five seasons of the original anime, all the way up to “Sailor Stars,” a season which has never been broadcast before in North America. Viz Media is also in the process of acquiring the rights to three Sailor Moon films, presumably Hearts in Ice, Black Dream Hole, and Promise of the Rose.

In a statement, g.m. of Toei Animation, Masayuki Endo said:

We’re pleased to partner with Viz Media to bring the beloved ‘Sailor Moon’ anime series back to North America. This fresh, uncut and uncensored release of ‘Sailor Moon,’ featuring the most accurate adaptation available, will be just as creator Naoko Takeuchi intended. We look forward to fans current and new discovering and falling in love with this classic series all over again.

According to the Viz Media Sailor Moon website, in case you’re new to the fandom:

Usagi Tsukino is a clumsy but kindhearted teenage girl who transforms into the powerful guardian of love and justice, Sailor Moon. Meeting allies along the way who share similar fates, Usagi and her team of planetary Sailor Guardians fight to protect the universe from forces of evil and total annihilation.

Will you be tuning in to catch episodes of “Sailor Moon” when they begin streaming on Hulu?

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