Hulu Might Give “Community” A Sixth Season

Hulu Might Give "Community" A Sixth Season

A few weeks ago we received news that Community had been cancelled after five seasons, crushing our dreams of six seasons and a movie for the show.  Although Community had extremely dedicated fans, it remained in a state of near cancellation for its entire run until NBC decided to finally cancel it.

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Recent reports, however, suggest a possible return for the television series. The popular streaming site Hulu is reportedly in talks with Sony Pictures TV to discuss a deal that could lead to a sixth season. Although the talks are preliminary, interest has been expressed on both sides.

Recently Dan Harmon stated on his blog that he had warmed up to the idea of continuing the series on a different platform.

Hulu’s acquirement of the series would align with the platforms desire to expand the services that it provides. New CEO Mike Hopkins stated that he would like to quadruple  the streaming service’s investment in original content over the next year.

Would you like to see Community move over to Hulu or are you happy with the season five ending?




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