Interesting “Game of Thrones” Casting News Comes From A Random Tweet

Interesting "Game of Thrones" Casting News Comes From A Random Tweet
Whether or not it's to be believed, this tweet sure has made us wonder about future casting for "Game of Thrones."

Well, this is interesting.

The Mary Sue reported today on a series of interesting tweets from a woman claiming that her friend’s daughter had just received an audition for the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones. The Twitter user, @neversquare, then revealed that the role her friend’s daughter was up for was for none other than – wait for it – young Cersei!


Here’s hoping that this young girl didn’t lose the part because of her parent’s “friend’s” inability to keep her tweeting zipped.

Interesting "Game of Thrones" Casting News Came From A Random Tweet

Of course, because this person isn’t an official from HBO or the actress themselves, it’s hard to know if it’s legitimate. However, the tweets have since been deleted, which could mean everything or nothing.

Seeing a young Cersei on the show would be the first time that audiences are taken back to see past events. Does this mean that we could also see a young Tyrion and a young Jaime?


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