“Teen Wolf” Season 4 Title Sequence Adds New Characters

"Teen Wolf" Season 4 Title Sequence Adds New Characters
The new title sequence for "Teen Wolf" season 4 features some old and new characters.

The new title sequence for the upcoming fourth season of Teen Wolf has been released, via E! Online, and it not only features new characters, but also new shots of returning characters.

Watch the full title sequence below:

In Scott’s part, we now see the Alpha wolf rise from a pile of dust (perhaps like a Phoenix rising from the ashes?). Stiles has finally broken away from the headlights of his car and is now shown in his room, placing red string from wall to wall, which shows fans that he’s still eager to solve the constant supernatural mysteries of his town, Beacon Hills. Derek’s sequence has remained basically the same, as has Lydia’s.

Newcomer Malia (Shelley Hennig) is seen making her way through a thick hanging of leaves and moss – probably in the forest. Kira, who had a big part last season, but was not featured in the opening title sequence, wields her signature katana sword. Her eyes say Kitsune, but her sword says that she’s happy to take Allison’s place as the kick-ass female of Beacon Hill’s.

Speaking with MTV, the cast recently dished on the upcoming season. Dylan O’Brien insisted that season 4 would be returning the show to its roots, saying, “Season 4 so far is a lot like Season 1 was. It’s sort of, like, stripped down from all the craziness that went on in Season 3.” We also found out that the tagline for the upcoming season is: Can’t go back.

Teen Wolf season 4 premieres June 23, 2014.

What do you think of the new title sequence for “Teen Wolf”?


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