“Arrow” Casts Devon Aoki As Katana, Sets Season 3 Premiere Date

"Arrow" Casts Devon Aoki As Katana, Sets Season 3 Premiere Date
Actress Devon Aoki has joined the cast of The CW's "Arrow" as sword-wielding fighter, Katana.

Actress Devon Aoki will be joining Arrow for the show’s upcoming third season this fall.

Aoki joins the cast as Katana, also known as Tatsu Yamashiro, a skilled martial artist who shares her name with the traditional Japanese sword that she fights with, Deadline has reported. It’s traditional in the sense that it’s a katana, however, non-traditional in the sense that it traps the souls of each person she kills with it.

Arrow, so far, has managed to somewhat avoid the supernatural aspect of its characters and potential storyline, so we’re still not sure if Aoki’s character will wield a sword that houses trapped spirits, or if she’ll be another kick-ass addition to the cast who manages to take on legions of armed men without so much as a scratch. What we do know is that Katana will act as a mentor to Oliver and will, in fact, influence him on his journey to eventually becoming The Arrow we all know.

Aoki’s past credits include 2 Fast 2 Furious, D.E.B.S., Sin City, War, and DOA: Dead or Alive. Clearly, she has this action thing down to a skill, which makes me all the more excited to see her whoop a pre-Arrow Oli into shape.

Stephen Amell announced on his Facebook page that season 3 of Arrow will premiere October 8 and will run for an amazing 23 episodes.

Are you excited to see Devon Aoki on the upcoming season of “Arrow”?


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