Marvel Is Replacing Steve Rogers With A New, African American Captain America

Marvel Is Replacing Steve Rogers With A New, African American Captain America
Marvel has announced that Steve Rogers is being replaced with a new, African American Captain America after his powers were drained in a recent comic issue.

Big things are happening in the Marvel universe, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Marvel announced, via The Colbert Report, that Captain America is going to be replaced by Sam Wilson aka The Falcon. This will make Sam the second African American to take on the shield and become Captain America, behind the original Captain America, Isaiah Bradley.

As a result of recent storylines in the Marvel universe, Steve Rogers, the current Captain America, was drained of his superpowers by the Iron Nail and began to age rapidly. All of this was depicted in Captain American #21.

In Captain America: The Winter Solider, released in May, The Falcon was played by Anthony Mackie, though it’s doubtful that Mackie will ever get the opportunity to play Captain America on the big screen.

Marvel also recently announced that, after some unfortunate events, the original Thor is no longer worthy to wield the power that makes him the God of Thunder. As a result, a woman has taken over his role and is now the new Thor.

It’s very exciting to see Marvel actively trying to be more inclusive and diverse in their comics – especially in an industry that is predominantly dominated by white, male characters.


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