“Once Upon a Time” Is Looking To Add Another “Frozen” Character

"Once Upon a Time" Is Looking To Add Another "Frozen" Character
"Once Upon a Time" is on the hunt for an actor to play the notorious "Frozen" villain, Prince Hans.

Once Upon a Time is looking to expand its cast of Frozen characters from the already known Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff!

The ABC show, inspired by both classic and modern fairytales, is looking to cast for the role of Hans – the too-good-to-be-true Prince who ultimately used Princess Anna in an attempt to gain control of Arendelle.

In the film, Hans is voiced by Broadway actor, Santino Fontana.

According to E!, OUAT describes the character as “refined and well-spoken on the outside, but he has a serious chip on his shoulder and an even more serious mean streak.” Yeah, that sounds pretty accurate.

Fans will be happy to know that OUAT isn’t looking to alter the Frozen story in anyway because, as showrunner Eddy Kitsis explained, the film was “simply because what happened in the film was so beautiful.”

Georgina Haig (who has already started filming for the show’s fourth season) has been cast to play Queen Elsa, with newcomer Elizabeth Lail playing her courageous sister, Princess Anna. The royal duo will be joined by Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff. Recently, Elizabeth Mitchell was cast in a very secret role, with many speculating that she’ll either be playing Anna and Elsa’s not-so-dead mother or the original Snow Queen.

Once Upon a Time season four will premiere on September 28, 2014 on ABC.

Which actor do you think would be a good choice for the role of Hans?

Source: E!
Feature Image: Disney Wikia


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