“Reign” Season 2 First Look: The Black Death Terrorizes France

"Reign" Season 2 First Look: The Black Death Terrorizes France

Season 2 of Reign will be premiering in only a few short months, but until then, we’ve got a taste of what life is going to be like for France when the new season begins.

At the end of season 1, Mary finally confessed to Francis about the paternity of Lola’s baby. Francis, being the upstanding person that he is, rushed to be with Lola who was all alone during her delivery. However, the Black Death had resurfaced in France and the castle had orders to seal itself off from the outside world, effectively locking Francis out and away from Mary.

As you can expect, life for the people of French court is going to be much more difficult during season 2. In this new preview via Entertainment Weekly, Mary attempts to assure the people of the castle that they are fully prepared for anything that may happen. However, as the footage that follows shows, good health is not in the stars for many within the castle.

Reign stars Adelaide Kane, Megan Follows, Toby Regbo, and Torrance Coombs. Season 2 will premiere Thursday, October 2, at 9PM EST on The CW.

Which characters do you think will manage to survive the Black Death?


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