“Sailor Moon Crystal” Review: Episode 3, “Rei – Sailor Mars”

“Sailor Moon Crystal” Review: Episode 3, “Rei – Sailor Mars”
The third episode of "Sailor Moon Crystal" saw the introduction of Sailor Mars. RecentlyHeard.com has the only recap/review you'll need!

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 3 “Rei – Sailor Mars” aired this morning, introducing the “The Guardian of Fire and Passion. Sailor Mars!”

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you haven’t seen the episode. You can find it on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Jadeite is in deep doodoo with Queen Beryl. At this point, with two failed missions under his belt, the Queen of the Dark Kingdom is beginning to worry that her first henchmen won’t have what it takes to destroy the Sailor Guardians.

As that pesky blond guy is being berated for his failures, Nephrite emerges from the shadows, quick to point out where Jadeite has failed. He assures Queen Beryl that he “will efficiently get more energies for our great ruler.” Of course, Jadeite basically made the same promise. So, maybe don’t toot your own horn so hard, okay? Zoisite then decides that, since this is basically a “mom-likes-me-best” competition, he might as well get in on it too.

The three henchmen, who are incredibly devoted to their Queen, then feel the need to ask about the Legendary Silver Crystal, because why wouldn’t you want to spend all of your time hunting something that you don’t know anything about? Queen Beryl explains that it’s a very powerful tool and that whomsoever has it gets to rule the universe.

Back in Tokyo, the latest news is all about the “Demon 6:00 PM Bus” that is seemingly abducting people and taking them to hell, according to Usagi’s friend, Umino.

On the bus, later that same day, more of Usagi’s latent lesbian tendencies begin to surface when she’s suddenly struck by the incomparable beauty of the mysterious dark-haired girl on the local bus. Wanting to know more about her, Usagi gets off the bus and follows her and discovers that the girl, Rei, is a shrine maiden at a temple.

Mother’s, whose children are missing, are quick to point the finger at Rei, accusing her of abducting their children. Later on, when Usagi goes back to the shrine to see Rei, she confronts the women about their accusations. Unfortunately, for her, her courage did little when they suddenly began pointing the finger at her as an accomplice to the recent string of disappearances.

Rei, desperate to figure out what is going on, speaks to her sacred fire and taps into her supernatural abilities. She has a vision of Usagi being taken by Jadeite and quickly rushes to her rescue. She arrived before Usagi and was taken by Jadeite instead who put her under a hypnotic spell. Usagi managed to see Rei on the bus as it passes by and quickly ran after it. She transfors into an flight attendant just in time to jump on the back of the bus before it can disappear. Luna misses the jump but is caught by Tuxedo Mask. Usagi and Tuxedo lock eyes for a moment as she disappears. Yes, he did see her transform. Thankfully, for the sake of secret identities everywhere, he didn’t see her chance into Sailor Moon. But, maybe he’ll put two and two together since she did yell out “Moon Power!” a few seconds before.

Ami and Luna are able to find Usagi by tracking the energy emitted from her transformation. Together, Mercury and Moon take on Jadeite who uses his ice powers to trap them. Sailor Mars is revealed just in time and uses her fire powers against Jadeite who manages to escape.

Rei, who had always felt isolated because of her strange supernatural powers, now has two new friends who welcome her into the group with open arms. She realizes that the powers that she was born with were all in preparation for her destiny as a Sailor Guardian.

Overall, the episode took on a very similar tone to the first and second. The excessive inner thoughts of the characters has got to stop, though, or at least get toned down significantly. I’m getting really tired of having to listen to every thought, mundane or otherwise, that crosses their minds. The CGI in Mars’ transformation didn’t irk me quite as much as it did with Mercury. Was there less of it this time? No. Maybe I’m just getting to used to it.

The end of the episode saw a man, holding a mysterious box, being escorted through the airport. Of course, this last scene, like the previous two episodes, is a teaser for what’s to come in two weeks.

What did you think of “Sailor Moon Crystal” episode 3, “Rei – Sailor Mars”?

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  • Drawingfigure

    I didn’t really get the lesbian vibe, more the “oh my gosh she’s so pretty!” star struck attitude. I can definitely get where people would think that though with those hearts in her eyes…but I’m pretty sure I’ve had hearts in my eyes looking at baby animals and cute things too, and that’s not sexual attraction.
    But don’t worry, we’ll get some actual lesbians if we can get to the third arc. 😉 I so want to see Uranus and Neptune!!!!

  • Gooblin

    I love it so far! I’m a fan of the character voices as well, I think they’re doing a great job. Like all series, it’s going to take a handful of episodes to introduce characters and establish plot and three episodes in, what more do people expect here? I hope this is wildly successful as I would love to see every arch in the magna animated for Crystal.

  • matina

    totally ship reixjaidete!!!