WATCH: Taylor Swift Stars On “Ew!” With Jimmy Fallon

WATCH: Taylor Swift Stars On "Ew!" With Jimmy Fallon
Taylor Swift guest-starred as a dorky teenager on a new installment of "Ew!", the popular skit from "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

This is Ew! That’s Ew! Everything is Ew! Am I Ew!?

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon hosted a new episode of Ew!. In the skit, Fallon plays a ditzy teenager, Sara, who hosts her own television show from her parent’s basement. This week, Jimmy’s character had a very special guest in the form of singer Taylor Swift as Natalie Benson – a dorky 13-year-old who has a band-aid collection.

In other Taylor Swift news, the country music star (who is very pop-y right now, right?), announced on her Facebook page that she would be hosting a Yahoo! live stream. Presumably, this means some sort of big announcement is coming our way. A new album, perhaps? The stream will happen on Monday, August 18 at 5PM EST.


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    Cringeworthy, like the last season of SNL. Ew!