“Sailor Moon Crystal” Review: Episode 4, “Masquerade Dance Party”

"Sailor Moon Crystal” Review: Episode 4, “Masquerade Dance Party”
The Sailor Senshi begin to learn more about the Legendary Silver Crystal in the fourth episode of "Sailor Moon Crystal.

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 4, “Masquerade Dance Party,” aired this morning. While no new Senshi were introduced to the group, Moon, Mercury, and Mars did learn more about the Legendary Silver Crystal.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you haven’t seen the episode. You can find it on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Viz’s Neon Alley.

The episode begins with Luna looking through a database of the heroes we’ve met so far. There’s a bio on Usagi, Ami, and Rei, and one for the mysterious Mamoru, who Luna is skeptical given the events that occurred in the last episode.

After the opening sequence, Luna wakes a groggy Usagi who, of course, is late for school. She runs downstairs where her mother is reading a newspaper article about Sailor Moon. Thank god she’s wearing that skirt and bow in the picture, right? Otherwise her mother would know for sure that Sailor Moon is actually her daughter, Usagi.

On her way to school, Usagi notices that an unusual amount of police offers are out on the streets. Thankfully, though, her curious mind is halted by Luna’s thoughts which take over the screen and explain, rather plainly, about Sailor Moon, her destiny, etc.

When Usagi arrives at school, Luna overhears her friends talking about how the heavy police presence is due to the arrival of Princess D from The Kingdom of D. That’s right. Let that soak in for a few seconds.

Princess D is in town to unveil a legendary treasure and will be hosting a party at the Kingdom of D embassy in Tokyo. Usagi is desperate to go, but considering she’s a not a princess (nudge nudge), it seems very unlikely that she’ll make it inside. She even asks Luna if she can use her powers to help her get in. She’s hit with a resounding, “hell to the no.”

When Usagi gets home after a long day of sleeping in class – which she admitted to Ami and Rei when she met them at the arcade after school – she finds out that her dad is actually attending the party at the embassy. As soon as he leaves, Usagi takes matters into her own hands, because rules suck. She uses her magic pen to transform herself into a princess fit for a fancy party. But her dress is covered in giant flowers and I think this show must take place in the ’80s.

Usagi, along with Ami and Rei, breeze into the party like crashing embassy events is their day job. Usagi is bitten by the dancing bug and decides to get her groove on while Ami and Rei search for the princess. The whole idea is that they believe that her legendary treasure might actually be the Legendary Silver Crystal. Easy peasy, right?

Usagi is swept off of her feet by Tuxedo Mask who, I think, knows that she’s Sailor Moon? I can’t really tell. Does she know that he’s actually Mamoru? Does anyone know anything? Why is the sky blue?

Ami and Rei find the princess just as her bodyguard reveals herself to be evil. When the girls burst in, the bodyguard changes to Nephrite who then possesses the young princess and forces her to flee from the party with the treasure in hand.

The girls chase after the princess who pitches a serious fit in front of the entire party. Like, maybe don’t be such a brat? I know you’re possessed, but it’s really not ladylike.

Usagi confronts the crazy princess who proceeds to knock Usagi off of the balcony. Luckily, Tuxedo Mask manages to catch her. Thank god, right?

Meanwhile, Rei and Ami have transformed. I sort of glazed over that party because the CGI in their transformations is like watching a YouTube video, made by a teenager, with some dollar store After Effects program.

Usagi turns her pen into an umbrella just as her and Tuxedo Mask fall off the balcony completely. So, does this mean that he knows who she is? Why is this so confusing?

Usagi transforms and realizes that she doesn’t have her tiara because it was destroyed during the last battle. Somehow, because of Tuxedo Mask’s warmth, she gets a brand new tiara and is able to reflect the light of the moon into a huge, powerful blast that destroys the shadow monster.

The Four Kinds (Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite) appear on the adjacent roof and tell the Senshi who they are what their missions is.

Later on, back at the party, Princess D reveals her legendary treasure to be a 2,000 carat diamond (bling bling, y’all) that’s been carved into a small statue of her.

The final scene shows future Sailor Senshi, Makoto, running through the rain as thunder and lightning begin to crack.

What did you think of “Sailor Moon Crystal” episode 4, “Masquerade Dance Party”?

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