Watch Taylor Swift Perform “Shake It Off” At The MTV VMAs

Watch Taylor Swift Perform "Shake It Off" At The MTV VMAs
Taylor Swift took the stage at last night's MTV VMAs to perform her latest hit, "Shake It Off," from her upcoming album, "1989."

Taylor Swift took the stage at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards to perform her latest hit “Shake It Off” from her upcoming album, 1989.

The former-country singer commanded the attention of the entire audience as she strut her stuff around the incredibly large stage, showing off her best dance moves.

Watch the full performance of “Shake It Off” below:

The best part, however, had to be when Swift refused to jump off of a platform into the arms of her male back up dancers and instead descended down the back stairs, ranting about the dangers of performing that stunt. It was clearly a planned skit, but it made me love her even more. Five stars, Taylor. 5 stars!

What did you think of Taylor Swift’s performance of “Shake It Off” at last night’s MTV VMAs?


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