“Sailor Moon Crystal” Review: Episode 5, “Makoto – Sailor Jupiter”

"Sailor Moon Crystal" episode 5 "Makoto - Sailor Jupiter" aired this morning. Read our review/recap to find out exactly what went down!
"Sailor Moon Crystal" episode 5 "Makoto - Sailor Jupiter" aired this morning. Read our review/recap to find out exactly what went down!

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 5, “Makoto – Sailor Jupiter,” aired this morning. In this episode, we saw the introduction of the fourth Sailor Guardian.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you haven’t seen the episode. You can find it on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Viz’s Neon Alley.

The episode starts with Usagi aimlessly wandering through a crosswalk when she shouldn’t have, only to be saved from an oncoming car by the mysterious Makoto who, according to Usagi, smells very nice.

After the opening sequence, Queen Beryl is talking to Nephrite, complaining about how pesky the Sailor Guardians are. Nephrite, who I guess has officially taken over from Jadeite, tells Queen Beryl that he’ll target human love in order to gain more energy for their ruler.

At school, Naru explains to Usagi that her cousin is getting married and that’s when Umino walks up and tells the girls that people have been disappearing from a particular bridal shop (because of course they are).

While she fantasizes about being a bride, Usagi bumps into Makoto who tells her to be careful. A teacher asks Makoto why she isn’t wearing the school uniform and she tells him that it’s because it doesn’t fit her. I’d like to interject at this point and say, “Ohhhh!” As a kid growing up on the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon, I always wondered why her uniform was different. I knew she had transferred schools, but like, why doesn’t she adapt? Now it makes sense.

Umino tells Usagi and the other girls that he heard that Makoto has super human strength and that she was kicked out of her old school for fighting. Umino is like Gossip Girl with glasses.

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At lunch time, we really get a sense of the isolation Makoto experiences because she’s different, which is clearly a theme as Ami and Rei’s introduction episodes highlighted their overall loneliness as well.

Outside, Usagi sneaks up on Makoto, admiring her selection of tasty foods. As soon as Usagi makes herself known, Makoto also saves her from being hit by a stray baseball.

Usagi takes Makoto to the arcade where Ami notices how good she is at the Sailor V video game and marvels at how easily Usagi can become friends with anyone.

Usagi and Ami begin to investigate the bridal shop, with Makoto tagging along. While the three of them dream about their wedding gowns, they overhear two women speaking about how the shop is haunted. According to them, one of the mannequins comes alive at night and seduces men.

The three girls head to Rei’s temple where they ask her for her thoughts on the idea of ghosts. Rei, however, is more interested in the weird vibes she’s getting from Makoto, and later predicts that the four of them will be together soon.

Later that night, a mannequin from the bridal shop comes to life. Motoki, the guy who runs the arcade, is closing up shop when he’s confronted by the mannequin who forces him to become her slave and give her his energy.

Makoto is walking home from the temple when she runs into Motoki who, while hypnotized, tells her that he loves her. In another weird coincidence, because Tokyo is just such a small city, Mamoru walks past and gets a strange vibe.

Usagi is woken up by Tuxedo Mask standing in her window who leads her to where Motoki is draining Makoto’s energy. Ami and Rei arrive in time to discover that the mannequin is actually a Youma. Together, the Sailor Guardians transform.

The Youma bride grabs Makoto and uses her as a shield just as Nephrite appears. When Makoto learns that Motoki didn’t really love her, she flashes back to an old crush named Senpai. Nephrite goes on about how humans are so obsessed with appearances, and the theme of this episode comes full circle. Makoto has been judged her entire life solely by the fact that she’s tall and strong.

Makoto is able to free herself from the Youma’s grasp and is revealed as Sailor Jupiter. Luna gives her pen and she transforms for the first time.

CGI. Yay…

Sailor Jupiter uses an attack called “Flower Hurricane” which sends out a blast of glowing flower petals. One of the petals cuts Nephrite’s arm and he suddenly can’t move. Jupiter then uses a thunder attack and destroys the Youma.

Jupiter explains to the other Guardians that the reason she left her old school was because she wanted to get away from the boy she loved, who didn’t love her back.

Luna tells Sailor Moon that since there are now four Guardians, she will become their leader. She then gives her the Crescent Moon Wand.

In the preview for the next episode, “Tuxedo Mask,” Tuxedo Mask seems to be planning something in order to get his hands on the Legendary Silver Crystal, while Luna warns Usagi, who’s still wondering if he’s their ally or enemy, to stay away from him.

What did you think of “Sailor Moon Crystal” episode 5 “Makoto – Sailor Jupiter”?

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