“Reign” Creator Reveals Intense Season 2 Spoilers

"Reign" Creator Reveals Intense Season 2 Spoilers
The creator of "Reign" recently dished on intense spoilers and what fans can expect from their favourite characters during season 2!

Reign creator Laurie McCarthy spoke with BuzzFeed about the much-anticipated season 2 of The CW‘s Reign and dished on what fans can expect from Mary (Adelaide Kane), Francis (Toby Regbo), Bash (Torrange Coombs), and the rest of the favourite characters.

“We burned through the timeline last year because I wanted to do two things: I wanted to get Mary and Francis on the throne, so that Season 2 felt like a new chapter, and I also wanted Lola (Anna Popplewell) to have his child,” McCarthy revealed to BuzzFeed. “Now that I’ve got everybody where I want them, there are so many stories to tell about them being young rulers. We also get to go beyond the castle walls, out into the landscape of France, and see the real obstacles they face with the nobles.”

Perhaps the most intriguing character dynamic on the show is the constant power struggle between Queen Mary and Queen Catherine (Megan Follows). At the end of season 1, King Henry (Alan van Sprang) died, making Mary’s husband, Francis, the new king of France. This means that, within French Court, Mary outranks Catherine as the ruling monarch.

“We’ll see their relationship twist and turn a lot into many different iterations this year,” McCarthy explained. “It will be less black and white than Catherine simply wanting Mary gone, but there will be moments — that will be earned by story — where Catherine is most definitely going to want Mary gone.”

Francis discovered, at the end of season 1, that he is the father of Lola’s son. How will this secret affect his new role as king and his married to Mary? McCarthy revealed that it will be “a thorn in their marriage.” She continued, saying, “Francis will have a bond with Lola that isn’t necessarily sexual — although it clearly was at one point. Francis is eager to have a family and it puts a lot of pressure on Mary, who historically had incredible difficulty conceiving. And the harder his job gets, the more pleasure he’ll take in simpler things, and [his son]is a simpler relationship.”

You can read McCarthy’s entire interview on BuzzFeed.

Reign season 2 will premiere Thursday, October 2, at 9PM EST on The CW.

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