“Sailor Moon Crystal” Review: Episode 6 “Tuxedo Mask”

“Sailor Moon Crystal” Review: Episode 6, “Tuxedo Mask”
Read our review of "Sailor Moon Crystal" episode 6 "Tuxedo Mask" to find out what happens when the Sailor Guardians face their greatest threat yet.

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 6 “Tuxedo Mask” aired this morning. In this episode, the Sailor Guardians comes face to face with their greatest threat yet.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you haven’t seen the episode. You can find it right here on RecentlyHeard.com!

Mamoru wakes up from a dream, in which the Moon Kingdom is being attacked, leaving him with only more questions about who the mysterious princess is and where he can find her.

Later that same morning, Usagi meets up with Makoto and Ami and tells them that she’s been having bad dreams lately. As it turns out, her dreams are almost identical to the ones Mamoru has been having.

While she’s busy thinking and walking, she runs into Mamoru and the two get into an exchange of words. Mamoru even calls her “Bun Head.”

As Mamoru walks away, Ami recognizes his school uniform and realizes that he’s from the elite Moto-Azabu Private High School. Usagi tells Mako that Mamoru is a jerk because you can’t just call someone “Bun Head” and get away with it.

At that moment, a live broadcast comes over a large television in the square. The news anchor reports that a mysterious figure known as Tuxedo Mask has made a statement to the media and claims that he is committing crimes so that he can get his hands on the Legendary Silver Crystal.

Pretty soon, the entire city is talking about what this “secret treasure” really is. It seems that Tuxedo Mask has devised this whole thing in order to gain some more information.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite thinks the whole thing is hilarious, but Queen Beryl tells him that the Legendary Silver Crystal belongs to them and informs her Kings that they still have yet to collect enough energy for their Great Ruler.

Over in the corner, an injured Nephrite begs Queen Beryl for another chance to beat the Sailor Guardians. Nephrite flashes back to the moment when Sailor Jupiter defeated him and whispers under this breath that he’ll never forgive her. Good, she probably doesn’t want your forgiveness.

Zoisite takes center stage when he asks Queen Beryl to let him take over. He refers to himself as her “European Commander,” but I have no idea what that means. If anyone reading this knows what he means, please tell me.

The Sailor Guardians attend a late night group meeting at the arcade where they discuss the very real possibility that Tuxedo mask is their enemy. But, Mako raises a very good question and asks Luna if she knows who their real enemy is? Or even where the princess is?

Luna tells the Guardians that the Legendary Silver Crystal’s power depends on how you want to use it, but that it has the power to destroy an entire planet easily. Luna was sent from the moon to awaken the girls as Sailor Guardians.

Zoisite’s plan involves him posing as Dr. Isono, a female researcher “who specializes in the Legendary Silver Crystal,” on a TV show. She tells everyone that it has magical powers and can grant eternal youth. She urges everyone watching to help find the crystal and hypnotizes everyone who’s watching so that they begin to frantically search for it.

Usagi arrives home to find her mother phishing through drawers and saying, “It’s not here. Or here.”

In the kitchen, Luna is speaking with Ami, via their communicators. We find out that the entire city has been thrown into chaos as everyone frantically searches for the crystal, even going so far as to break into and loot stores.

The Sailor Guardians meet at the arcade, where Luna reveals a secret staircase after pressing a bunch of buttons on a video game. The staircase leads to a secret base that Luna reveals was necessary in order to track the enemy. Using a fancy computer, they’re able to find out that the evil energy is being concentrated into one spot: a TV station.

Ami deducts that the enemy is using the TV station’s signal to control everyone’s minds. Luna suspects that this may be the work of Tuxedo Mask, but Usagi insists that he is not their enemy.

Luna tells Usagi to take a pill (my words, not hers), but Usagi flips out and tells Luna that she’s an idiot, then runs away.

After realizing that humans suck, Zoisite presses a button and begins to drain their energy. The Sailor Guardians, minus Usagi, confront Zoisite on top of the TV station and tell him that they’ve stopped the signal.

Before Usagi can pass out from running, Tuxedo Mask catches her and the two begin to talk. He tells her that everything that’s happened is his fault, though he didn’t mean to cause it. Usagi tells him that she’s the leader of the Sailor Guardians, but that’s she’s insecure about her position.

Back on the rooftop, the other Guarians are trying and failing to defeat Zoisite. They demand that Zoisite give back the energy that he stole. He then blasts them with orbs of green energy.

The Sailor Guardians are knocked to the ground as a dark cloud begins to form. Queen Beryl emerges from the center and reveals herself as the commander of the Four Kings of the Dark Kingdom.

We learn that Usagi’s insecurities come from the fact that she can’t summon powers like the other Guardians (fire, lightning, or mist). She thinks she’s useless without Luna. Tuxedo Mask tells her that she has a special power to make everyone smile.

Sailor Moon appears and confronts Queen Beryl, activating the power in the wand that Luna had given her in the previous episode. She’s able to use it defeat Zoisite, who protects Queen Beryl. She then uses the power to heal the rest of the city.

As Tuxedo Mask carries away a weak Sailor Moon, we see Sailor Venus standing on top of a high wall watching and smiling.

When she wakes up in his apartment, Usagi finds out that Tuxedo Mask and Mamoru are, in fact, the same person. Mind blown, right?

In the preview for the next episode, Mamoru tells Usagi that he lost all of his memories in a car accident and that he can’t even remember his own name. The only chance he has to get his memory back is to find the Legendary Silver Crystal.

What did you think of “Sailor Moon Crystal” episode 6 “Tuxedo Mask”?

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  • Lolo

    The Dark Kingdom has 4 territorial divisions, each one is commanded by its corresponding King (or General).

    Jadeite commands Far-East.
    Nephrite commands North-America.
    Zoicite commands Europe.
    Kunzite commands Middle-East.

    That’s waht “European Commander” means

    • Jordan D’Amico

      You are my saviour, Lolo! Thank you! 🙂