Rick Riordan Announces New “Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard” Series

Rick Riordan Announces New "Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard" Series
Rick Riordan has announced a new book series called "Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard" due out in 2015.

Get excited, Rick Riordan fans! The Percy Jackson author has just announced a new book series that will be based on Norse mythology.

The new series, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, will consist of three books, the first of which will hit bookshelves in Fall 2015.

There isn’t much known about the series at this point, other than the name of the main character, Magnus Chase, and that the series will take place in Boston.

As fans have probably realized, Magnus shares a last name with Annabeth Chase. In the Percy Jackson series, Annabeth is a demigod: the daughter of a mortal father and Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare. There’s no word yet on whether the two Riordan characters will be related, but Riordan did state on his blog that the two sharing a last name is “not simply a coincidence.” He added, “Beyond that, I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you guessing.”

Riordan has been careful not to give away too many details of the series, but he did reveal the title image on his Tumblr account, along with the caption: “New series announced today. First book: Fall 2015. What does the name imply? Stay tuned…”

Riordan also revealed that the title of the first Magnus Chase book can be found on the back of The Blood of Olympus (due out October 8).

Are you excited for the release of the first “Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard” book?

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  • Nathan Fleischman

    They are related.

    • Jordan D’Amico

      Rick did say that them having the same last name wasn’t a coincidence. But have you seen it confirmed somewhere?

      • Nathan Fleischman

        Wikipedia, although it is not a good source.

        • Aayushman Choudhary

          ITS TRUE!
          It is stated in the Last boob Heroes of Olympus.
          Here is the excerpt:

          ‘My dad … my stepmom and stepbrothers.’ She turned the drakon-bone blade in her lap. ‘After all I’ve been through in the past year, it seems stupid that I resented them for so long. And my dad’s relatives … I haven’t thought about them in years. I have an uncle and cousin in Boston.’

          Percy looked shocked. ‘You, with the Yankees cap? You’ve got family in Red Sox country?’

          Annabeth smiled weakly. ‘I never see them. My dad and my uncle don’t get along. Some old rivalry. I don’t know. It’s stupid what keeps people apart.’

      • Senil Ra

        yes.. it is hinted in the blood of olympus.. magnus and annabeth were cousins..

  • Jane

    In the Blood of Olympus is says that Annabeth has an uncle and cousin that live in Boston

  • Sejal

    She (Annabeth) says she has a Uncle and Cousin in Boston, I think Magnus doesn’t have a mom, and I’m pretty sure that the Magnus series will be in Boston

  • bob

    It would be interesting if Rick found a way to insert Norse Demigods, but i dont think that is a thing. I think what really made me gravitate to the Percy Jackson series was that it include Camp Half-blood and it’s population being that of Demigods and their interactions with the world.

  • madison

    guys I KNOW that they are related because he says so in an interview on youtube by the booktuber