“Modern Family” Season 6, Episode 1 Review: The Neverending Romance

"Modern Family" Season 6, Episode 1 Review: The Neverending Romance
Season 6 of "Modern Family" premiered Wednesday night. Read our review to find out what happens when Mitch and Cam return from their honeymoon!

Modern Family season 6 started Wednesday night with episode 1 “The Long Honeymoon.” The Dunphy’s are having the perfect summer ever, Gloria (Sofia Vergara) is trying to convince Jay (Ed O’Neill) to put more of an effort into looking nice, and Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) is feeling smothered by Cam’s (Eric Stonestreet) post-honeymoon romance.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Best Summer Ever

Phil (Ty Burrell), Claire (Julie Bowen), Haley (Sarah Hyland), and Luke (Nolan Gould) Dunphy are enjoying the “best summer ever.” The four family members, minus daughter Alex (Ariel Winter) (who’s been building houses for the poor), all explain the great things they’ve been able to do this summer. Claire has helped Phil with his magic, and admits that she actually likes magic now, while Haley has managed to amass a following of 50,000 subscribers to her fashion blog. Phil even admits that he hasn’t had a bad plum all summer.

In the midst of their high, usually on-point other Claire lets her family eat cookies for breakfast while everyone marvels at a butterfly as it flutters over the breakfast table.

Phil and Claire put on a small magic show for an eager and engaged audience, composed of Haley and Luke. Even when Claire messes up the trick, the family is still smiling. Mitchell then stops by with a sifter and Luke gives him a hug, declaring that he can now start his rhubarb pie, which Haley offers to help with.

In the middle of everyone’s bliss, a disgruntled Alex, back early from her trip, walks in and slams the front door. She proceeds to tell her parents that she’s had the worst summer ever. At that moment, Luke and Haley begin arguing in the kitchen, calling each other “idiot.”

Clare and Phil soon deduce that the reason for the family’s sudden decline in happiness is because of Alex. They set out to try and convince Alex to go back and finish the final week of her trip, telling her that potential colleges won’t be too happy that she quit. Alex soon figures out what her parents are doing and tells them, furious at the fact that they’d want her to go back, that she’ll get a ride back.

When she comes in to say goodbye, Alex notices that Haley’s webcam is on on her laptop and thinks that Haley is playing a joke on her. As it turns out, Haley didn’t realize that the little light means that it’s on and assumed that it would turn off by going to another web page. Luke points out that this might be why Haley has 50,000 subscribers.

Alex then smells smoke and Claire realizes that she had left her copy of War and Peace in oven for too long (she was trying to dry it out after she dropped it in the bath). Alex is the only one who was able to get the fire extinguisher to work.

Phil insists that, before Alex leaves, he taste the rhubarb pie that he and Luke had made. Alex asks if they took the leaves off of the rhubarb and tells her family that the leaves are poisonous and that they all could die.

The family realizes how their “perfect summer” was actually a “stupid summer” and begs Alex to say so that there is “at least one adult in the house.”

Romance In Excess

Cam and Mitch have been back from their honeymoon for a few weeks, but Cam refuses to stop acting like they’re still on the trip, even acknowledging their three month anniversary. He showers Mitch with flowers almost everyday and makes other romantic gestures 24/7. Mitch feels overwhelmed by everything, wishing that it would die down.

Later that evening, at an office cocktail reception, Cam shows up unannounced, doting on Mitch and making inappropriate comments about their relationship. At one point, Cam insists that he and Mitch slow dance when a particularly good song comes on. Mitch, of course, is completely embarrassed by Cam and is very aware of the fact that none of his co-worker’s spouses are there. He asks Cam if they can turn the romance down a little bit, but Cam takes instant offense.

When he arrives home after, Mitch finds Cam throwing out flowers and decorations, and tells Mitch that he wanted to celebrate their three month anniversary. Mitch follows Cam into the house to try and explain his reasoning but is instead bombarded by various surprised that Cam had set up. At one point, Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) jumps out of a closet dressed as cupid and shoots a plastic arrow at Mitch saying, “Struck by cupid’s magic arrow!” When Cam tells his daughter that the plan is off, she storms off, complaining about having to prepare for 2 hours before.

Eventually, Cam tells Mitch that the two of them had just had the most romantic year of their lives, what with planning the wedding and going on their honeymoon. He admits that he’s afraid that if they stop, the romance will fizzle away completely. Mitch compromises by telling Cam that he’ll be more romantic from now on.

You’re Sexy

Gloria is upset that Jay seems to have stopped trying to look nice for her and, she confronts him about it, telling him that she always does her best to look good for her. Jay replies by saying that Gloria doesn’t try to look nice for him; she does it to look good for herself. He adds that he doesn’t care what she looks like because he loves her for her.

This prompts Gloria to dress sloppily for their outing with one of Jay’s important clients, even going so far as to apply lipstick around her mouth.

Just before the two of them can walk into the restaurant where they’re meeting Jay’s client, Jay relents and tells Gloria that he likes it when she makes herself look nice. Gloria is happy that she won, but still wonders why Jay hasn’t been as interested in trying to look nice. He tells Gloria that when he was at the store a while back, he was laughed at by some kids. This made him think that since he’s old, he should just act old. Gloria does not take kindly to what Jay said and insists that she married him because he’s sexy. She tells him that they don’t know how long the “sexy” will last for either of them, so they have to keep making an effort while they still can.

When the two arrive back at home, Manny (Rico Rodriguez) and the rest of the family surprise Gloria with a birthday party. Still dressed like a slob, Gloria runs out of the house screaming. A few seconds later, she returns with her hair down and a new dress, telling Jay that she had the dress on underneath the entire time, just in case.

Modern Family season 6, episode 2 “Do Not Push” will air Wednesday, October 1 at 9PM EST on ABC.

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