“Sailor Moon Crystal” Recap: Episode 7 “Mamoru Chiba -Tuxedo Mask”

“Sailor Moon Crystal” Recap: Episode 7 “Mamoru Chiba -Tuxedo Mask”
On “Sailor Moon Crystal” episode 7 “Mamoru Chiba -Tuxedo Mask," the enemy steps up their game in search of the Legendary Silver Crystal and puts Usagi in danger.

In Sailor Moon Crystal episode 7, more details about Mamoru’s past are revealed, while the Dark Kingdom steps up their game in the search for the Legendary Silver Crystal.

Warning: Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t watched the episode yet, you can find it right here!

Usagi has woken up in Mamoru’s apartment, after the events of episode 6. She’s quick to realize that Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask when she see’s his costume accessories on a nearby table.

Sidenote: How catchy is the theme song? Best part of every episode.

Usagi asks Mamoru about why he became Tuxedo Mask. He tells her that he did it to reclaim his lost memories for which he needs the Legendary Silver Crystal. He flashes back to the time he and his parents were in a serious car crash that cost both of his parents their lives. Mamoru, however, was left with no memories of who he was.

Mamoru tells Usagi about his recurring dream, of a figure repeating the phrase “the Legendary Silver Crystal” over and over. Those dreams lead him to wander the streets at night in search of the powerful item. He asks Usagi why she’s searching for the Legendary Silver Crystal and her best explanation is “Because Luna told me to find it and protect it.”

Back in the Guardian’s secret lair, Luna is speaking to a mysterious voice about how the Sailor Guardians are have all been awakened, but have yet to regain all of the memories. Luna tells the voice that Sailor Moon is still really inexperienced as a Sailor Guardians.

We then see a shadowed figure on the screen that Luna is looking at. It’s clear from the shape of the person and other noticeable features that the person who Luna is talking to is Sailor Venus. But, does she know that?

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl approaches a chamber and calls out to her great ruler, Queen Metalia. Inside, a dark energy floats in the middle of the chamber. Queen Beryl kneels before it, offering Queen Metalia human energy. Queen Metalia tells Beryl that the energy is not enough and asks where the Legendary Silver Crystal is. Queen Beryl justifies her failures by telling Metalia about the Sailor Guardians who have been getting in her way. Queen Metalia remembers them as the warriors who defeated her many years ago and warns Queen Beryl that she can never let the Sailor Guardians awaken the successors of the Moon Kingdom.

Queen Beryl flashes back to when she was first lead to the Dark Kingdom where she freed Queen Metalia. Her inner thoughts reveal that she has no plans of letting Queen Metalia have the Legendary Silver Crystal, if they find it. Queen Beryl wants the Crystal for herself, so that she can rule the world.

A new video store has opened in Tokyo and Usagi’s friends are raving about how you can find any movie you’re looking for. Rei walks past the outside of the store and overhears two girls talking about how they will find Sailor Moon first. Rei senses something dark about the store’s energy.

At school the next day, Ami shows Makoto and Usagi the research that she’s been doing on the mysterious Sailor V. Usagi points out that the crescent shape on Sailor V’s forehead is just like the one that Luna has.

Luna arrives and tells the girls that she knows nothing about Sailor V. You can tell by her expression that she is clearly lying.

At the end of the day, Usagi tells Naru that they should go home together, but Naru, who is completely out of it, tells her that she has to look for Sailor Moon. Usagi soon realizes that everyone else in her class is behaving the exact same way. They all want to find Sailor Moon. They find a DVD in Naru’s bag and take it to the arcade to see what’s on it.

The DVD causes the arcade game they inserted it into the short circuit and the DVD is flung out of the drive. An animated Sailor V comes on the screen and tells Usagi, Ami, and Luna that the DVD is a brainwashing device from their enemy and continues to scold Usagi. Nobody seems to care that a Sailor V video game was talking to them.

Soon, the entire city is obsessed with finding Sailor Moon. Ami is still analyzing the DVD but begins to feel weak after watching Zoisite’s propaganda, encouraging the watcher to find Sailor Moon and offer her to the Dark Kingdom.

The Sailor Guardians realize that Usagi is in danger and set out to find her so that they can protect her from the brainwashed army that Zoisite has create.

Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and uses her wand to heal the people who are after her. Before she can celebrate too much though, Zoisite attacks and knocks Sailor Moon to the ground. The other Sailor Guardians arrive and try to save Sailor Moon from Zoisite’s clutches, but are knocked back by his power.

Tuxedo Mask rushes in and saved Sailor Moon from being strangled to death but is eventually struck down by Zoisite’s power. He tells Sailor Moon that, for a long time, his wish was to have the Legendary Silver Crystal. But, now, his only wish is for her.

Zoisite creates a large crystal thing and means to use it to kill Sailor Moon. Before he can strike, however, Sailor V interrupts with her crescent moon disc attack thing. She stands mysteriously on top of a nearby building and eventually reveals her face.

The preview for episode 8 teases Sailor V’s arrival and the Guardians learning more about their past lives.

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 8 “Minako -Sailor V” will air online on Saturday, October 18.

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  • Neo Tales

    I thought the episode was amazing, and I loved your recap of it! For some reason, I was reading it like the narrators do on Glee. heh.

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