“Downton Abbey” Season 5, Episode 3 Recap: A Dowager’s Secrets

"Downton Abbey" Season 5, Episode 3 Recap: A Dowager's Secrets
Secrets abound on the latest episode of "Downton Abbey." Violet has a run in with an old flame while Mary's tryst with Lord Gillingham is almost revealed.

Secrets abound on Downton Abbey season 5, episode 3. Violet has a run in with an old flame, Mary’s secret tryst with Lord Gillingham is almost revealed, and Edith’s desperation to be with her secret daughter only intensifies.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Mary continues her week long tryst with Lord Gillingham. The two have dined together in public for several days and, on their last day together, both wake up in Mary’s hotel bed only to be quickly separated when a maid knocks on Mary’s door with her breakfast. Mary seems smitten by her new lover, but later admits to Branson, who is not all that surprised to hear that Mary wasn’t on a sketching trip with another woman, that she feels that she was only interested in Lord Gillingham because she was, well… horny (my words, not hers). But now that her sexual appetite has past, she must now face up to her true feelings, or lack thereof, for her handsome suitor.

Sprat, Violet’s butler, who was in Liverpool for a wedding, sees Mary and Lord Gillingham leave the hotel together. He later tells Violet about what he saw, but Violet is quick with an excuse and tells Sprat that the two were attending an informal meeting. Later, however, the Dowager Countess confronts Mary about what she was doing and makes her disapproval known.

I Must Not Tell Lies

Cora tells Baxter that, before she can make a decision about whether to fire Baxter or keep her on, she must know the missing piece of her story. After some careful consideration, and a friendly word from Molesley, Baxter tells Cora that had been convinced to steal the jewellery by a charming male servant at her last job. After he got his share of the loot, he tricked Baxter and disappeared, leaving her to take all of the blame.

Cora eventually decides to keep Baxter on at Downton Abbey.

Act Of Cowardice

Mrs. Patmore gets a letter which says that her sister’s son and Mrs. Patmore’s nephew Archie will not be getting his name on his town’s local war memorial because he was shot for cowardice. Mrs. Patmore talks to Mrs. Hughes to see if she can convince Carson to have her nephew’s name included on their local war memorial to save her sister the embarrassment of her community finding out what her son did. Carson does not react well to Mrs. Hughes’ suggestion and is unsympathetic to Mrs. Patmore’s predicament.

Bates In Trouble?

The police sergeant who is investigating Green’s death reveals to Carson that a female witness has come forward, claiming to have heard Greent talking to another man on the sidewalk before he died. Green had also told other servants at his place of employment that he had been mistreated at Downton, which we all know to be a big sac of LIES! Bates’ answers to the sergeant’s questions seem satisfactory, but Anna, Mrs. Hughes, and Mary still seem concerned that something might come out. Instead of asking her husband directly if anything had happened, Anna basically avoids making eye contact with him for the rest of the episode. That should do it, Anna.

Husband And Wife

Robert heads to London to surprise Cora with a romantic evening out. He’s disappointed and angry, however, when Cora arrives home later after having spent the evening with Simon Bricker, who’s intentions with Lady Grantham seem to be anything but proper. Cora tells Robert that Simon had wanted to discuss some art pieces with her, but Robert wonders why in the world he would want Cora’s opinion. This rightfully offends Cora who continues to hold a grudge even after the two are back at Downton Abbey.

Go Away, Edith

Edith has clearly overstayed her welcome in Marigold’s life after Mrs. Drewe tells her husband about her concerns for her daughter. She doesn’t understand why Edith has taken such an interest in Marigold’s life and, for that matter, neither do Cora and Robert. Mr. Drewe pays Edith a visit at Downton and tells her that she needs to stay away from their home and from Marigold for the time being.

Violet’s Prince Charming

Rose invites a group of Russian refugees over for tea and the group is marveled by the collection of artificats and art that the Crawley’s have in their possession. Violet sees an old hand fan that had been given to her as a gift when she attended a royal wedding at the Winter Palace. Prince Kuragin, the man who had given her the fan, turned out to be amongst the group of refugees and reminisced with Violet for a few moments about their time together in Russia. Violet, however, was married during the time and both Robert and Rosamund had already been born. She later denied any possibility of a past romantic relationship with the Prince.

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 4 will air Sunday, October 12 on ITV.

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