“Once Upon a Time” Season 4, Episode 2 Deleted Scene: Henry Needs Help

"Once Upon a Time" Season 4, Episode 2 Deleted Scene: Henry Needs Help
A newly released deleted scene from "Once Upon a Time" season 4, episode 2 sees Henry turn to Mr. Gold for help with a personal problem.

A deleted scene from last Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time, “White Out,” sees a conflicted Henry approach Mr. Gold for help.

In the new clip, Henry goes to Mr. Gold to ask him to restore his memories from his time in New York because he wants to forget about Storybrooke and the drama that’s ensuing with Regina and her will she or won’t she evil ways.

It’s a shame that this scene was cut from the episode because it really show’s Henry’s evolution since debuting on the show in season 1 as the 10 year old who believed in magic and wanted nothing more than to reunite with his biological mother and save Storybrooke. Mr. Gold pointed out that he has the blood of both the Dark One and the Savior running through his veins. Does this mean that Henry has the potential to be either a great force for good or a great force for evil?

It’ll be interesting to see how all of the recent changes will affect him in the long run and whether or not it will continue to change him even more from the young boy he once was.

Once Upon a Time season 4, episode 3 “Rocky Road” airs Sunday, October 12 at 8PM EST on ABC.

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