“Arrow” Spoilers: Will Oliver And Felicity Ever Make It As A Couple?

"Arrow" Spoilers: Will Oliver And Felicity Ever Make It As A Couple?
Will Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak ever make it as a couple on "Arrow"? We've got interesting spoilers to provide some much-needed clarity!

If you saw Wednesday’s season 3 premiere episode of Arrow, then you were probably left wondering what would become of the TV power couple that is Olicity.

As season 4, episode 1 “The Calm” slowly came to an end, fans of The CW series were disappointed to see that Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) wouldn’t be hooking up as an official couple – at least not yet.

Entertainment Weekly has given us diehard Olicity shippers some much need clarity on the situation, and it would seem that we shouldn’t give up hope just yet.

According to Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that the “break up scene” will in fact be a two-parter, the rest of which will be continued in episode 2 “Sara.” “This is not the last time we’ll hear the words ‘I love you’ in connection with Oliver and Felicity,” Guggenheim revealed. “The repercussions of that scene and that storyline in episode one, that’s going to follow them over the course of season 3. It’s not over. We didn’t just hit pause or reset on their relationship. This is just a development in an ongoing relationship for them.”

Does this mean that there might be hope for Oliver and Felicity after all? I, personally, will continue be hopeful, but I don’t trust the writers to not let this star-crossed lovers plot dry up anytime soon. If television has taught us one thing, it’s that plots like this are usually milked for all they’re worth.

"Arrow" Spoilers: Will Oliver And Felicity Ever Make It As A Couple?

Arrow season 3, episode 2 “Sara” airs Wednesday, October 15 at 8PM EST on The CW.

Do you think Oliver and Felicity will make it as a couple?



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