“The Legend of Korra” Book 4, Episode 2 Recap: “Korra Alone”

"The Legend of Korra" Book 4, Episode 2 Recap: "Korra Alone"
On "The Legend of Korra" Book 4, episode 2 "Korra Alone," Korra has ventured off on her own in an attempt to heal her mind and her body.

On The Legend of Korra Book 4, episode 2 “Korra Alone,” Korra has ventured off on her own in an attempt to heal her mind and her body. But, certain obstacles prove to be more than she can overcome. Will Korra be able to find “balance” in her life?

Warning: Spoilers ahead! If you’ve yet to see the episode, you can watch it right here.

The episode begins with Korra in a public restroom in an unknown city, bruised and beaten from her ring fight at the end of last episode. She begins to heal herself when a man knocks on the door, begging her to come out so he can get inside.

A few minutes later, when she’s crossing the street, she narrowly avoids being hit by a car and then comes face to face with a hallucination of herself after she had escaped from the Red Lotus, with the chains still wrapped around her wrists and ankles.

The hallucination attacks Korra with the chains and Korra firebends back. At this point, a small group of townspeople have gathered and are confused. Of course, they don’t know that she’s the Avatar and Korra takes off.

Korra flashes back to three years before, when she was still in a wheelchair and getting ready to leave Republic City for the Southern Water Tribe. Asami offers to go with her to keep her company, but Korra insists that some time alone will be good for her. Tenzin assures Korra that Jinora, the airbenders, and he have everything under control and that she just needs to focus on getting better. There’s a blanket of emotion in Korra’s eyes, but it’s hard to decipher whether or not she’s upset about her current condition or whether she’s worried that the world will no longer need her.

In the Southern Water Tribe, Korra has a terrifying dream, recalling her fight with Zaheer when the airbender almost killed her. She woke up in a fright and was comforted by Naga.

Outside on a large terrace, later that night, Senna finds Korra alone and tells her that she and Tonraq are worried about Korra and Senna convinces Korra to go see Katara to help with her healing.

With Katara’s help, Korra makes slow progress towards being able to move her legs again. Korra tries walking with the help of two railings but falls down. She’s rightly frustrated about not being able to do anything for herself anymore, but Katara reminds her that she’s not the first Avatar who’s had to come up against great pain. She recalls a time when Aang discovered that his entire culture had been wiped out. Instead of letting it destroy him, he found a purpose, and eventually found peace.

Korra’s friends keep writing her letters over the months that she’s gone, but Korra never responds.

Back in the present, Korra continues to walk through the streets of the unknown town and eventually runs into a small white dog. Korra is once again confronted by the hallucination of herself, but soon realizes that the dog can see the figure too. Korra gets worried, but the figure soon disappears. The dog convinces Korra to follow it.

Flashing back once again, Korra remembers a time during her recovery when Tenzin came to visit. Korra is so excited to see him and is eager to show him how far she’s come by sparring with three firebenders. She convinces them to attack, because each bender is clearly concerned. When they finally proceed, Korra has a flashback to Zaheer and is quickly knocked down.

Korra expresses her frustration to Tenzin and admits that she should be out bringing order to the Earth Kingdom, instead of Kuvira.

Korra writes to Asami, telling her that the past 2 years have been incredibly difficult. She adds that, while she can get around just fine on her own, she still can’t go into the Avatar State. She tells Asami about her visions of Zaheer. Finally, she asks Asami not to tell Mako and Bolin that she wrote to her and not them because she doesn’t want to hurt their feelings.

One night at dinner, Korra tells her parents that she wants to go back to Republic City. She feels like she’s a wall and that she needs to be around her friends and the “action.”

Korra sets off on her own on a small boat, leaving even Naga behind.

Korra arrives in a small coastal village and meets a merchant who’s a big Avatar fan and asks her for a picture, showing her the picture that he already has of adult Aang performing his famous marble trick.

A pair of thieves run out of a nearby shop and Korra goes after them. Unfortunately, she is easily taken down, letting the two thieves escape.

Korra, later one night, approaches Air Temple Island on her boat and sees herself standing on a rock. She seems to take this hallucination to mean that she should not be in Republic City.

Some more time has passed and Korra has acquired some Earth Kingdom clothing. She sits on a dock by a river and uses a long dagger to cut her long hair into a short bob.

Korra ventures to one of the Spirit Portals and journeys inside to mediate. There, she runs into a group of small spirits who aren’t sure if she’s the Avatar or not. The spirits tell her that they aren’t able to sense Raava’s energy and Korra admits that she’s lost touch with her Avatar spirit.

(I want a spirit of my own. Gosh darn it, they’re so cute!)

As she continues on her journey, that takes her across the ocean, a volcano, and the dessert, Korra continues to send letters to her parents, lying to them about her time in Republic City.

Korra ends up in the small town where the episode began. She sees the hallucination of herself again and follows it to the sparring ring where she was badly hurt. We learn that, while Korra was fighting the other earthbender, she was actually seeing herself , which puts a lot more meaning behind why she was in that ring in the first place.

Time eventually catches up with itself and we find Korra on the outskirts of the town, still following the small white dog. The dog leads her to the swamp and Korra wanders inside when the dog reveals itself to be one of the spirits that Korra had met during her time in the Spirit World. The spirit eventually disappears and Korra is left to, once again, face her hallucination. During the fight, the hallucination uses its chains to pull Korra into a pool of the poison that Zaheer had used on her.

Korra wakes up in a small cave with a little, old woman who admits to having been good friends with Korra in her past life, when she was Avatar Aang. Korra creates a small flame in her hand and sees the woman’s face for the first time. “I can’t believe it! Toph?” Korra says.

“Nice to see you again, Twinkle Toes.”


The Legend of Korra Book 4, episode 3 will air Friday, October 17 on Nick.com!

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