“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 11, Episode 4 Clips, Synopsis: “Only Mama Knows”

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 11, Episode 4 Clips, Synopsis: "Only Mama Knows"
Two new clips from "Grey's Anatomy" season 11, episode 4 "Only Mama Knows" tease Meredith and Derek's crumbling marriage.

Two new clips from this week’s upcoming episode of Grey’s Anatomy, titled “Only Mama Knows,” have been released, one of which teases the tense relationship between Derek and Meredith.

In the first clip, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) comes across a young girl who’s outside of the hospital, writhing in pain. Where Meredith gets a closer look, she sees that the young girl appears to be pregnant:

The second clip is more of a trailer that really highlights the turmoil in Meredith and Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) marriage. Derek made the decision not to take the job in Washington D.C., but now he seems hell bent on making Meredith feel guilty because of it:

The official synopsis says for the episode says:

“‘Only Mama Knows’ – Secrets from Ellis Grey’s past come to light when Meredith watches old videos and reads through her mother’s journals. Meanwhile, Maggie rocks the hospital with an unexpected announcement; Alex gets new responsibilities and Callie focuses her attention on the Veterans’ project…”

Grey’s Anatomy season 11, episode 4 “Only Mama Knows” will air Thursday, October 16 at 8PM EST on ABC.

Do you think Meredith and Derek’s marriage will be able to hold up?

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