“The Big Bang Theory” Season 8, Episode 5 Recap: Procrastination Bites

"The Big Bang Theory" Season 8, Episode 5 Recap: Procrastination Bites
Procrastination was the hilarious theme of "The Big Bang Theory" season 8, episode 5 "The Focus Attenuation"!

Procrastination was the hilarious theme of The Big Bang Theory season 8, episode 5 “The Focus Attenuation.” The guys plan to spend the weekend coming up with new ideas and the girls head to Vegas for a fun girl’s weekend.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Over lunch at the university, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj discuss ideas of theirs that never came to be. The foursome decides to spend the weekend together, brainstorming ideas. When Leonard brings the idea up with Penny, she instantly suggests a girls weekend in Las Vegas for her, Bernadette, and Amy.

When their weekend think-tank begins, the guys can’t help but get distracted. Their wandering minds remind them of all the movies that they want to watch and Leonard has a hard time finding an idea that they’d written down in the past that isn’t of a sexual nature.

The girls are getting ready for a wild night in Vegas when Penny gets a text message from her boss telling her that her test has been moved up and that now she only has two days to study. She decides to stay in the room to get a head start on her work while Bernadette and Amy go out on the town.

Together at a bar, Bernadette and Amy enjoy very large margaritas. Amy throws Bernadette a series of sexual compliments.

The guys decide to go the university to keep from getting distracted. But, while they’re there, they end up watching a series of online videos that coincide with their wandering trains of thought.

Leonard suggests negative reinforcement to keep the guys on track and they each attach pieces of duct tape to their arms. Unfortunately, they guys become more invested in punishing each other than getting work done. Eventually, the guys return to the apartment where they sit back and watch Ghostbusters.

Amy and Bernadette return to the hotel room drunk out of their minds. Amy taunts Penny, calling her a “nerd,” and taking away her computer. Eventually, the three of them end up in a strip club where Penny is seen still doing work while Amy and Bernadette continue to drink and party.

In the morning, Penny is ready to hit the pool, but Amy and Bernadette are incredibly hungover. Penny gets her sweet revenge by opening the curtains and letting the bright sunlight flood into the room. Bernadette begs Amy to shut the curtains, but Amy falls out of the bed while trying to get to them,

The Big Bang Theory season 8, episode 6 “The Expedition Approximation” will air on Thursday, October 23 at 8PM EST on CBS.

What was your favourite moment from “The Big Bang Theory” season 8, episode 5 “The Focus Attenuation”?

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