“Sailor Moon Crystal” Recap: Episode 8 “Minako – Sailor V”

“Sailor Moon Crystal” Recap: Episode 8 “Minako -Sailor V”
On “Sailor Moon Crystal” episode 8 “Minako - Sailor V,” the final Sailor Guardian has revealed herself, but what new evils await now that she's around?

In Sailor Moon Crystal episode 8, Sailor V has finally revealed herself and the Dark Kingdom is hellbent on finding the Legendary Silver Crystal before the Sailor Guardians.

Warning: Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t watched the episode yet, you can find it right here!

The episode continues where episode 7 ended, with Sailor Moon fresh off her battle with Zoisite who was taken down by the sudden arrival of Sailor V.

Standing on top of a nearby building, the Sailor Guardians revel in the arrival of their new member. Sailor V is quite the icon, considering she’s the only one of them to have a video game named after her.

Artemis, her white feline friend, tells the Guardians that, not only is she Sailor Venus, but she the one who will inherit the Legendary Silver Crystal, but that she’s Princess Serenity, princess of the Moon Kingdom.

Sailor Moon believes what Artemis says because Sailor V has the crescent moon emblem on her forehead, which she takes to be the symbol of Princess Serenity.

Suddenly, Sailor Moon’s tiara begins to glow and transforms itself into a new crescent moon shape. Sailor Moon has a sudden flashback to the Moon Kingdom, but it was nothing significant.

Zoisite gets up off the ground but realizes that he’s surrounded, so he disappears.

Tuxedo Mask runs off and thinks about how the name Princess Serenity is familiar to him. Sailor Moon is pretty upset that Tuxedo Mask takes off without saying goodbye.

Sailor V approaches the other Guardians and Sailor Moon’s face turns bright red. She’s clearly starstruck by the sudden appearance of her “heroine.”

Sailor V tells the Guardians that she’s the one who has been communicating with them through the machines at the arcade.

The scouts detransform and head back to their secret command room where Luna greets Minako as the princess.

Minkao tells the girls that she met Artemis long before Usagi met Luna. At that time, they didn’t know about the other Guardians. They spent their time solving crimes in Tokyo. They eventually came to the conclusion that the Dark Kingdom was behind the crime in the city.

She tells them that the Dark Kingdom is under the control of “a devilish thing unlike an other creatures” who wants the Legendary Silver Crystal to conquer Earth. She tells them that the evil gains power from human energy.

Minako tells them that the evil once destroyed the Silver Millennium and thus stole the happiness from everyone. They managed to seal her away, but someone broke the seal. It’s up the Guardians to seal her away, once and for all.

Minkao tells Artemis, when they leave, that soon the seal of memory will be broken. Whatever that means…

Artemis tries to tell Minako that she can count on the other Guardians, but she’s insistent that this mission is her’s and her’s alone.

Usagi has a dream in which she’s being led, by a man named Endymion, through a terrifying battle. Eventually, their hands break apart and she falls back. When she wakes up, she’s confused about the fact that he was calling her Princess Serenity in the dream.

Luna runs into Artemis, who tells her that as part of her mission, “they” sealed off part of her memory to reduce the burden she carried while nurturing the Sailor Guardians. Now, however, they’re going to unseal it so that she can know everything.

Meanwhile, in the Dark Kingdom, Queen Metalia order Beryl to lure out the princess and then bring her the Legendary Silver Crystal and Kunzite volunteers his services.

Kunzite sends some sort of telepathic message to Minako, telling her to come alone to Tokyo Tower or everyone in Tokyo will die.

Minako wants to go on her own, claiming that this is her battle. Artemis, however, disagrees and thinks that she should get the other Guardians. She clearly doesn’t listen, but just as she’s about to take off, she runs into the other Guardians who invite her for dinner. She blows them off, saying that she has errands to do.

Kunzite shuts down the electricity in the city and Luna informs the Guardians of what’s going on. But, as it would seem, he’s also stolen the energy from a lot of people.

Sailor V arrives at the tower and confronts Kunzite. The two exchange blows and Sailor V is almost knocked off the edge. Before Kunzite can finish her off, the other Sailor Guardians appear, floating up from the ground in a giant green bubble.

Four of the Guardians attack Kunzite, but his shield is able to protect him completely. He laughs, calling their attacks “substandard.” Oh, now he’s gone and done it!

Sailor Moon is able to sneak up on him and use her wand on him. Just when everyone thinks that he’s gone, Kunzite appears and blasts Sailor Moon off of the roof. Tuxedo Mask swoops in and saves her before she becomes a Sailor Pancake.

Sailor Moon jumps in front of the other Guardians, to protect them from Kunzite’s attack. But, Tuxedo Mask jumps in front of Sailor Moon and takes the full blow.

The teaser for episode 9 shows the Guardians learning more about their mission. Plus, Sailor V might not be the true princess after all.

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 9 “Serenity – Princess” will premiere Saturday, November 1, 2014.

What was your favourite part from “Sailor Moon Crystal” episode 8?

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