ATracker – Daily Task and Time Tracking: The Perfect App For Busy Bees!

ATracker - Daily Task and Time Tracking: The Perfect App For Busy Bees!
ATracker, by WonderApps, is a cool little app that allows you to see how much time you're spending on certain tasks each day.

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As the owner of a business, as well as someone with a moderately active social life, I have the hardest time prioritizing. Often times, I’ll overcompensate on one task an inadvertently let something else suffer as a result. To solve this problem, and as a child of the 1990s, of course I’d turn my plight towards the app store. Apps solve everything!


If your day is anything like mine, it might include the following: editorial calendar, social media, writing, gym, e-mails, eating. But, how do I stop myself from spending too much time on eating while the unread messages in my e-mail inbox continue to pile up? The ATracker app by WonderApps!

ATracker is a cool little app that allows you to see how much time you’re spending on certain tasks each day. You’re able to setup the main screen to include common daily tasks. From there, anytime you engage in one of the activities, all you have to do is tap a button and it will record the amount of time that you’re spending on that particular activity or task.


Each task can be customized with its own colour and icon (approx. 305 to choose from). The data from your daily tasks is also put into a nifty pie chart that lets you see the breakdown of how you’re spending your time. If you’re extra social, you can even share your results on Facebook and Twitter!


Or, if you’d prefer, you can review your day by scrolling through the calendar, which also gives you a detailed breakdown of your time spent that day.

This means I finally understand how much time I spend eating egg rolls and how little time I spend on real-life.

If you aren’t a working professional, have no fear, because ATracker is perfect for students who are looking to prioritize and track the amount of time they spend studying for a certain subject, or even busy parents who want to make sure that their kid’s days involve lots of different activities!

Want to know more? Check out this quick instructional video:

You can get the ATracker – Daily Task and Time Tracking app, available for iPads and iPhones, via the WonderApps website!

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