“Downton Abbey” Season 5, Episode 5 Recap: Goodbye And Good Riddance

"Downton Abbey" Season 5, Episode 5 Recap: Goodbye And Good Riddance
On "Downton Abbey" season 5, episode 5, Aunt Rosamund arrives to help Edith and the police continue to investigate Green's mysterious death.

On Downton Abbey season 5, episode 5, Aunt Rosamund arrives to help Edith, Bricker’s one-sided flirtation with Cora comes to a head, and the police continue to investigate Green’s mysterious death.

Violets Are Blue

Isobel’s reach towards a higher status in society gets closer and closer with each passing day that she has to consider Lord Merton’s proposal. Violet arranges a luncheon and invites Dr. Clarkson, Lord Merton, and Isobel. She seems desperate to keep Isobel out of the aristocratic inner-circle as Dr. Clarkson points out. During luncheon, however, the compatibility between Merton and Isobel becomes quite clear and Violet decides to interfere no more.

Carson In Charge

Mrs. Patmore inherits some money from a relative and turns to Carson to help her figure out how to properly spend it. Carson suggests investing in some local housing and construction projects. After some conversations with Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Patmore decides against Carson’s suggestion and decides to buy herself a house and eventually rent out rooms.

Law & Order: Downton Abbey

Two police sergeants show up and question Anna and Mary about the investigation into Green’s suspicious death. Both girls seem to suspect that Bates may have been the one who killed Anna’s attacker, but neither know for sure. Of course, neither of them mentioned this to the police. Thomas, who loves to stir the pot while wallowing in his own self-pity, teases Mrs. Hughes and Anna by insinuating that he might just talk to the police himself.

Baby In A Corner

Aunt Rosamund has come for a week long visit and decides to help Edith with her Marigold problem. They both go and visit the Drewes and Mrs. Drewe is clearly over the whole “Edith treating Marigold as a toy” thing, which she vocally expresses to her husband. Mr. Drewe later tells Edith that she can’t come back. Rosamund, in conjunction with Violet, devises a plan to have Marigold sent to school in France. I don’t really know how they’d achieve this, because the Drewes are Marigolds parents, for all intents and purposes. Are they going to kidnap the child?

Roses Are Red

Rose meets a young Russian man named Atticus and introduces him to her refugee friends. Rose is smitten with the handsome man, but finds out that he is Jewish and his family was forced from Odessa during an uprising in the 1870s. Rose, however, doesn’t care about his religion, unlike one of the refugees. She agrees to have dinner with Atticus next time she’s in London.

Driving Miss Bunting

Things between Sarah Bunting and Tom are too complicated to solve and Sarah decides to take a new job out of the village. Tom clearly has feelings for her, however, and goes to see her off at Daisy’s urging. She tells him that she loves him and the two share a brief kiss before she loads herself into the car and is driven off. Good riddance!

Ugh, Bricker!

Simon Bricker shows up at Downton again and his flirting continues to fly right over Cora’s head. While Robert is out at a dinner in Sheffield, Bricker slyly makes his way to Cora’s bedroom before she’s about to go to sleep. She asks him to leave but he tries to persuade her that she wants him too. As it would happen, Robert has just arrived home and walks in on the two of them talking. Thankfully, nothing happened with Bricker and Cora, but that doesn’t stop Robert from literally backhanding him across the face. The two then wrestle to the floor like school kids. Simon leaves the next morning, but Robert basically refuses to talk to Cora.

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 6 will air Sunday, October 26 on ITV1.

What was your favourite moment from “Downton Abbey” season 5, episode 5?

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