“Supernatural” Season 10, Episode 3 Recap: “Soul Survivor”

On "Supernatural" season 10, episode 3 "Soul Survivor," Sam and Dean go at it while Castiel deals with problems of his own! Read our official recap here!
On "Supernatural" season 10, episode 3 "Soul Survivor," Sam and Dean go at it while Castiel deals with problems of his own! Read our official recap here!

Supernatural season 10, episode 3 “Soul Survivor” aired Tuesday night. This episode meant a lot for the season, ending the reign of the Deanmon, Castiel gaining more stolen grace on behalf of Crowley, and of course more of Crowley being the heartbroken girlfriend that he has become.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

"Supernatural" Season 10, Episode 3 Recap: "Soul Survivor"

The episode begins with Sam picking up a cooler full of sanctified blood in hopes of curing Dean. After the brothers finish arguing over which is worst, shots or demons, Sam administers the first shot, inadvertently causing Dean great pain and leading Sam to think the worst. This might actually kill his brother.

Sam calls Castiel to discuss the newest of a thousand problems. Unfortunately, Cas is a bit preoccupied with the stolen grace eating away at Jimmy’s meatsuit. Hannah suggests that he steal another angels grace, or even beg Metatron for the location of his own grace. The Angel of the Lord shuts his sister down, explaining that he will not kill another brother to keep himself going.

When we return to the Winchesters, Dean is badgering Sam about right and wrong and how he, a Knight of Hell, is better than Sam. In a flashback we find out how Sam found Crowley: by tricking a man into selling his soul so that he could get his hands on a Cross-roads demon to torture for information.

Upset, Sam injects more blood and leaves, too angry to stay with his brother any longer. In Hell, we find the King himself punishing those who helped Abaddon steal the throne. He remembers his time with Dean, turns down an offer for a new boy toy, and even has his own subject kill himself in front of him. Even for Hell, this place is a mess.

In a series of bloody events, Adina attacks Hannah and Cas, Crowley kills her and steals her grace and gives it to Castiel against his wishes, allowing him to survive. For now

"Supernatural" Season 10, Episode 3 Recap: "Soul Survivor"

Back in the bunker, Dean has escaped due to his humanity taking hold. He tries to kill Sam, only for Castiel to save the day in a show of his growing angelic grace and Dean’s diminishing demonic power. In the end, Dean is human again, Cas is back, and Sam gets drunk.

Now if you shut your television off after that, you missed one interesting ending. We find a red headed woman sitting in a luxurious apartment reading. A drop of blood falls on her and the camera angles up. The ceiling is covered in dead bodies. The woman smiles and the scene goes black – the way Dean’s eyes will never do again.

Supernatural season 10, episode 4 “Paper Moon” will air Tuesday, October 28 at 9PM EST on The CW!

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