“How to Get Away with Murder” Season 1, Episode 5 Recap: “We’re Not Friends”

"How to Get Away with Murder" Season 1, Episode 5 Recap: "We're Not Friends"
If you're just now tuning in to the keeps-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-stay-awake-theorizing "How to Get Away with Murder", get thee back to episode one.

If you’re just now tuning in to the keeps-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-stay-awake-theorizing How to Get Away with Murder, get thee back to episode one. This is definitely not the kind of show you can merrily jump into at any given time and season 1, episode 5 “We’re Not Friends” was no exception!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


Last time we caught up with the lady Keating, she had just delivered one of the most shocking questions of an already shocking show. After discovering a photo of her husband’s *ahem* sensitive bits on the phone of a murder victim, she confronted him and rendered him understandingly speechless. Cue end of episode and worldwide outcries of “NO! MUST HAVE MORE!”

The season’s fifth episode opens on a conflicted Annalise. On the one hand, turning Lila Stangard’s phone over to the police would provide them evidence in favour of Rebecca’s guilt. On the other hand, it directly implicates her husband Sam. Although Annalise seems entirely unaffected by emotion, it’s clear this may be the one instance where she’s unsure of her next step.

Cut to the episode-specific case: A young man named Ryan shoots his abusive policeman father in self defence. The focus becomes on jury selection and how to swing jury bias in your favour. As Annalise puts it, “twelve complete strangers will make or break your case before you’ve said one word of your opening statement”. Thus begins a powerful discussion surrounding domestic abuse and the protect-your-own mentality of law enforcement officers.

Try as I might, I’ve been unable to come up with a cute couple name hybrid for Wes and Rebecca. They all sound like neighbourhoods in New York or eyelash growth serums (Rewesa, Wesbecca, Wesecca, Resbecca….Seriously.) And speaking of couples, can we talk about Annalise’s hot, dishonest cop boyfriend Nate? Turns out Bonnie’s side snooping got him fired, and he reveals Sam’s unexplained absences to Annalise. Bad Bonnie!

Back to the self-defence case, though. Connor’s jealousy-inducing sex life comes to the rescue once again when a juror sends biased messages through a gay hookup app. (By the way, Humpr is a way better name than Grindr.) Sharon’s testimony of abuse was heart wrenching. In a show hailed as groundbreakingly inclusive, a brief look into our societal perception of abuse was handled with dignity and taste.

Laurel’s sneaky file-dropping manages to earn them a mistrial and drop the charges to juvenile court. Hurray for parental relief and a sense of the right thing being done.

And finally, FINALLY, Sam gives Annalise his version of the events surrounding Lila Stangard’s murder. He maintains his innocence but then gets squirrelly about evaluating Rebecca. Suspicious, don’t you think? By the end of her evaluation, Annalise is back in full form, telling him the only thing she knows for sure is that he’s a liar.

In a panic, Rebecca disappeared. She noticed the Keating’s wall paper and realised the photos on Lila’s phone were taken there. She incorrectly assumes Annalise and Sam were in on the murder together, and tells Wes not to trust either of them.

Other details we learned:

– Laurel and Frank slept together, probably a few times, and now he’s obsessed with her.

– The trophy-turned-murder-weapon belongs to Asher (Matt McGorry). Will they attempt to frame him, or was it just a convenient use of resources?

Honestly, this is the most intense 45 minutes of my week. Considering this is my first entry into the Shonda Rhimes empire, I have a lot of catching up to do.

How to Get Away with Murder season 1, episode 6 “Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole” will air Thursday, October 30 at 10PM EST on ABC.

What did you think of the most recent episode of “HTGAWM”?

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