“Downton Abbey” Season 5, Episode 6 Recap: Better Left Unsaid

"Downton Abbey" Season 5, Episode 6 Recap: Better Left Unsaid
On the most recent episode of "Downton Abbey," Edith makes a shocking decision and Thomas finally comes clean to Baxter about what he's been up to.

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 6 has seen some major storylines come to a head. Edith makes a surprising decision, Anna and Bates have a serious conversation, and Mrs.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Mother And Daughter

At the beginning of the episode, Edith learns that Michael did in fact die in Germany during Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch. The news doesn’t strike Edith as hard as it would have had she not already mourned his death. The news was only confirmation of his passing. As a result of his death, Edith inherits his publishing company. She decides to take back her daughter, Marigold, from the Drewe’s (much to Mrs. Drewe’s dismay and anger) and leaves Downton.

The Truth And Other Tales

The police once again come to Downton regarding Green’s death, this time to question Baxter, thanks to an anonymous report which we all know was given by Thomas. Baxter does tell the police about her suspicions but doesn’t feel good about it.

Bates finds Mary’s contraceptives and, thinking their Anna’s, accuses his wife of not wanting to have his baby because she thinks he’s a murder. And so, it all finally comes out! Bates tells Anna that he has known since the beginning that it was Green who attacked her and that he did travel to London. However, he did not kill the man. The untorn train ticket that was left in his pocket would have proven it but the only evidence of Bates’ innocence was destroyed by Mary who thought she was protecting the couple.

Heartbreaking Measures

Thomas finally comes clean to Baxter about the procedures he’s been performing on himself. She goes with him to see Dr. Clarkson. He has been injecting himself with saline solutions (which have caused an infection) after having traveled to London for electroshock therapy – all because he wanted to “cure” himself of his homosexuality. Dr. Clarkson basically tells Thomas to live with the unlucky life he’s been given and to find a way to be happy. This clearly disappoints Thomas who feels that this “difference” is what stops anyone from being able to love him.

Three’s Company

Mrs. Patmore, along with Carson and Mrs. Hughes, visit her new cottage. Later on, Carson, rather awkwardly, but very sweetly, asks Mrs. Hughes if she’d like to purchase a cottage with him, as a sort of investment. It’s hard to tell, but this could have been Carsons’s way of expressing his true feelings for dear Mrs. Hughes, right?

Everything In-between

Violet has hired herself a new lady’s maid who does not get along with the Dowager Countesses butler, Spratt. Meanwhile, Mary has gotten herself a new hairdo (a sort of flapper bob), much to the surprise of her family. She and Mr. Blake continue with their plan to get Miss Fox and Lord Gillingham back together so that Mary can be free of Gillingham once and for all. Also, Molesley offers to help Daisy continue her studies after Miss Bunting’s sudden departure.

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 7 will air Sunday, November 2 on ITV1.

What was your favourite moment from “Downton Abbey” season 5, episode 6?

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