“Supernatural” Season 10, Episode 4 Recap: “Paper Moon”

"Supernatural" Season 10, Episode 4 Recap: "Paper Moon"
On "Supernatural" season 10, episode 4 "Paper Moon" Sam and Dean run into a familiar face from the past but aren't sure how to handle the dangerous situation.

As a fandom, I think that we can all agree on the fact that season eight got off to a very slow antagonizing pace. However, one of my personal favorite episodes came from that huge mess. The fourth episode of season eight, “Bitten”, was heartbreaking. The episode followed three college students filming strange murders in their town, all fitting the MO of a werewolf. It was refreshing to see everything out of somebody else’s perspective, not just out of the eyes of Team Free Will. In the end, with her boyfriend and his murderer dead, Kate leaves promising Sam and Dean that she won’t hurt anybody. They allow her to live, and we see her walking away from her old life, as Kate the college girl, to her new life as a werewolf.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The opening scene, as usual, is bloody, with a biker having his heart ripped out by a werewolf woman, presumably Kate.

Next we join the Winchester boys relaxing by a lake with a cooler full of beer and sunglasses. Dean calls Sam out on his arm, revealing the in universe reason for his injury being a demon. The actual reason being that Jared Padelecki (Sam) and Osric Chau (Kevin) had been wrestling. Dean brings up a the murder that was featured in the paper and despite their previous agreement to take it easy they decide to take the case.

They enter the police station dressed as rangers and get the name of a witness who says that there was a girl who was hurt too, but she disappeared like a ghost. Our boys search the area, finding a barn littered with dead chickens. In the barn is Kate, yelling into her phone to an unknown individual. Once subdued with ropes, she’s questioned about the murder. Kate admits that it was her who murdered the biker, saying “I know what you’re going to do, so just do it.” And Dean almost does, however Sam pulls him to the side, not quite sure that his brother is ready for killing so soon after being cured. Kate takes this opportunity to escape.

Tracking her to a hotel, the boys chase a girl from her room believing it to be Kate. They chase her through the woods until she’s cornered. The girl is not Kate, but she turns out to be a werewolf. Not just any werewolf, but Kate’s sister Tasha! Kate intervenes before Tasha can hurt Sam and Dean and explains that the girl is her sister and that she too is a werewolf.

At a dinner, Kate talks about her days as a nomad, how she turned Tasha to save her life, and how Tasha gave into her dark side. Kate says that she will handle it if it comes to that. Dean isn’t so sure, but Kate reminds him of what happened to Brian when he let his dark side take control. Dean tells Kate it might not come to that, that there is a cure for Lycanthropy. Kate agrees to lead them to Tasha to cure them both.

In the car, Kate is asleep and the Winchesters discuss Sam’s treatment of Lester and other people during his journey to find Dean.

Once they arrive at Kate’s family cabin, Dean handcuffs her to the wheel and they move in for the kill as Kate begs for her sister’s life. Sam finds Tasha, but Dean is ambushed by a mystery man and holds him at gunpoint.

Tasha reveals the two men are her creation, her new pack. She offers Kate the option of either leaving or joining them. Kate tells her no and Tasha lets her pack of to toy with Sam and Dean. Kate tries to reason with her sister, but she’s too far gone and Kate is forced to kill her during their final embrace. The Winchesters kill the two werewolf boys and find Tasha dead and Kate missing, the only clue being the open window.

From a payphone, Kate calls the boys, promising to stay on the straight and narrow. Again they allow her to live, having problems of their own to deal with at the moment such as the Mark of Cain that still sits on Dean’s arm.

Episode Highlights

Kate, a definite favorite of mine, returned! We learned more about where she’s been and where she’s going. Will we see her again? Maybe so. Sam and Dean finally return as the duo the show was based on, and though they still have a lot of dirt to dig through, I believe they can do it.

Notable Mentions

Tasha called Sam Paul Bunyan, and even made a crack about Mary-Kate and Ashley. She’s a crazy monster, but the girl has sass.

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What was your favourite moment from “Supernatural” season 10, episode 4 “Paper Moon”?


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