“The Legend of Korra” Book 4, Episode 5 Recap: “Enemy at the Gates”

"The Legend of Korra" Book 4, Episode 5 Recap: "Enemy at the Gates"
On "The Legend of Korra" Book 4, episode 5 "Enemy at the Gates," Kuvira's army advances towards Zaofu and Korra arrives to see if she can help!

The Legend of Korra Book 4, episode 5 “Enemy at the Gates” aired today. Kuvira’s army begins advancing on Zaofu and a worried Suyin begins to formulate a plan to protect her city. Meanwhile, Korra arrives with Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo to help with the situation.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

When the episode begins, Kuvira and her entire army are advancing on Zaofu which begins to worry Suyin and her family.

On the train, Baatar Jr. tells Kuvira that he’s ready to take Zaofu by force because it is no longer his home. However, Kuvira tells him that the eyes of the world are on them at the moment and that they must “do it right.” Kuvira wants to use Bolin to convince Suyin to give over her city.

"The Legend of Korra" Book 4, Episode 5 Recap: "Enemy at the Gates"

Flying on Pepper, Jinora asks Korra if she’s sure she wants to go to Zaofu, since Tenzin did ask them to bring Korra back to Republic City. Korra tells her, along with Ikki and Meelo, that Kuvira and the world needs to know that the Avatar is back. Her statement excites Meelo who is convinced that big fight is on the horizon. Korra tells Meelo that there isn’t going to be a fight because she believes that Kuvira can be reasoned with.

Back on the train, Varrick and Zhu Li begin tests on the spirit vine which they had recovered when they were in Republic City for Prince Wu’s coronation. Varrick tells the recording camera that the spirit vine is a form of pure energy that’s unstable in “earth conditions.” He attempts to transfer the vine’s energy into a battery. However, before the transfer can be completed, the machine malfunctions and sends out a large blast of energy that destroys the back of the train.

Kuvira comes in and, after hearing that Varrick no longer wishes to work with such a dangerous experiment, bends the metal on Varrick’s uniform to levitate him outside of the moving train. Before she drops him, Varrick agrees to continue with his work.

Back in Republic City, Asami visits her imprisoned father in jail to tell him to stop sending her letters and to stop trying to contact her. She never wants to see him again.

Kuvira later tells Bolin that she’s allowing him to join her inner circle which Bolin eagerly accepts. She then tells him that she wants Bolin to talk to Suyin and help her see things clearly.

Kuvira, Baatar, and Bolin walk into Suyin’s home where she and the rest of her family, including Opal, are waiting. Bolin is happy to see his girlfriend, but Opal isn’t as keen to see the man she feels betrayed her. She informs Bolin about the conditions which the people of Kuvira’s conquered towns experience after she leaves them. They’re forced to work as slave labourers and people not willing to comply are sent away.

Kuvira tells Suyin that she has 24 hours to join the Earth Empire or her army will take the city by force.

Later on, Korra arrives and is warmly welcomed by Suyin. Korra offers to help her stop Kuvira.

In Kuvira’s camp, Bolin begins to question her motives and tactics and Kuvira begins to question Bolin’s loyalty and that, perhaps, his feelings for Opal outweigh his devotion to her.

Suyin later tells Korra about her past with Kuvira and how the “Great Uniter” was once like a daughter to her. Suyin took Kuvira in when she was eight-years-old and taught her everything she knows. She describes Kuvira as smart and a natural leader.

Suyin flashes back to a time three years ago, shortly after the death of the Earth Queen. Tenzin and Raiko had come to see her and asked her to take on the task of restoring balance to the Kingdom. Suyin told them that she didn’t feel comfortable imposing her ideals on an entire nation.

Kuvira, who was also in the room, tells Suyin that she thinks the leader of Zaofu should take on the task. She tells Suyin that she can share the modern progress of the city with the rest of the Earth Kingdom. Suyin, however, still refuses, knowing that she would only be greeted with conflict and war.

Suyin tells Korra that it was at that moment, although she didn’t realize it, that a rift formed between the two of them. Kuvira then turned Suyin’s son against her and, together, they plotted behind her back. Suyin tried to stop them, but Kuvira had already assembled a team of Suyin’s security force and wealthy people from the city to go with her.

When Korra says that she wants to help, Suyin tells her that she should go into the Avatar State and demolish Kuvira and her army. Korra tells Suyin that fighting is something the “old her” would have done and that she’d rather try talking to Kuvira.

Kuvira has locked Varrick and Zhu Li on the train. Bolin finds a hatch on the roof and the two men quickly agree that “Kuvira is crazy.” Together with Zhu Li, the three of them escape in metal armor robot suit things.

"The Legend of Korra" Book 4, Episode 5 Recap: "Enemy at the Gates"

Korra goes to try and talk to Kuvira and seems to quickly realize that she has no intention of leaving. Korra tells Kuvira that she can’t let her take Zaofu. However, Korra soon agrees that it’s hard to make decisions and then have people get mad at you for them.

Kuvira agrees to call a temporary truce. She promises not to make any sudden moves until Korra has a chance to talk to Suyin and get back to her.

Baatar eventually realizes that Bolin, Varrick, and Zhu Li have all escaped. They’re eventually tracked into the forest where the three of them, geared up in metal armor robot suit things, can’t decide where to go.

They get into a fight with Baatar and two other men. But before Bolin can finish the job, Baatar grabs Varrick and tells Bolin to stop.

In Republic City, Asami goes back to visit her father and tells him that she’s not angry when she sees him – she’s sad. She tells him that she doesn’t know if she can forgive him but that she is willing to try. The two begin to play a game of Pai Sho.

Bolin, Zhu Li, and Varrick are returned to Kuvira who tells her guards to send Zhu Li and Bolin to a reeducation camp. Varrick will stay put and continue his work on the spirit vines. Zhu Li begs Kuvira to spare her and pledges her loyalty to the “Great Uniter” because she’s sick of being ordered around by Varrick.

Korra returns to Suyin’s home to talk to her but is told by her husband that she’s already left, along with her sons, Wing and Wei, to sneak into Kuvira’s camp and “put an end to this.”

The Legend of Korra Book 4, episode 6 will air Friday, November 7 on Nick.com!

What was your favourite moment from “The Legend of Korra” Book 4, episode 5 “Enemy at the Gates”?

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