“Sailor Moon Crystal” Recap: Episode 9 “Serenity – Princess”

"Sailor Moon Crystal" Recap: Episode 9 "Serenity - Princess"
On “Sailor Moon Crystal” episode 9 “Serenity Princess,” the Sailor Guardians regain their memories from their past lives and the Legendary Silver Crystal is revealed!

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 9 “Serenity – Princess” was filled with heartache and new revelations. Find out what happened when the Legendary Silver Crystal was finally discovered!

Warning: Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t watched the episode yet, you can find it right here!

Mamoru blocks Sailor Moon from an attack by Kunzite and falls unconscious. While he’s out, he has flashbacks to his time in the Moon Kingdom and his and Sailor Moon’s memories from their previous lives begin to flood back.

Sailor Moon begins to transform before the Sailor Guardian’s eyes and is soon revealed to be the true princess. Heartbroken about Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon begins to cry. A single tear falls from her cheek and changes, midair, into the Legendary Silver Crystal. It shines bright with a brilliant light that overwhelms Kunzite. The light stretches to different parts of the city and suddenly flowers begin to grow.

Metalia senses its energy and Queen Beryl suddenly appears behind Kunzite, ordering him to take the crystal. He attacks, but Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are protected by the Sailor Guardians who throw their own attacks at the Dark Kingdom servant. Queen Beryl pulls a “boss lady” and decides to make quick work of the young girls. She throws some dark lightning at them. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus protect the group while Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter try to snap Sailor Moon out of her “funk.” While everyone is distracted, Queen Beryl transports Tuxedo Mask to her and she disappears with him and Kunzite.

Back at the Guardian’s secret chamber, Sailor Moon can’t stop crying. Artemis tells the Guardians that he and Sailor Venus lied about her being the princess so that they could protect Sailor Moon. Sailor Venus tells them that she is actually the leader of the Guardians who, in the time of the Moon Kingdom, were tasked with protecting Princess Serenity.

The Guardians begin to remember their past lives when the Moon Kingdom was attacked by the people of Earth who were brainwashed by Queen Metalia. While the Guardians fought of hoards of soliders, Mamoru (Endymion in his past life) was killed. Eventually, the Guardians were able to seal away Metalia. Sailor Venus realizes that someone, likely Queen Beryl, broke Metalia’s seal and released her. Overwhelmed with everything (like finding out that she’s a princess with the universe’s most powerful piece of jewellery and that the love of her life has been taken), Sailor Moon passes out.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl mistakenly believes that the Legendary Silver Crystal was placed into Tuxedo Mask, so she’s attempting to extract it from him. She doesn’t realize, however, that Sailor Moon still has it in her possession.

When Queen Beryl leaves, the four Kings of the Dark Kingdom gather and stare at an unconscious Tuxedo Mask. Kunzite has some sort of flash that would suggest he knows Tuxedo Mask from somewhere.

The Sailor Guardians, with Luna and Artemis, visit Usagi at home to try and cheer her up. They realize that they can’t be happy unless she’s happy. When they walk into her room, she’s sitting up in bed, but her hair has grown extensively. They give her a cut and freshen her up. Minako tells her that on the Moon, she had incredibly long hair and it is most likely growing as part of her recent reawakening.

Usagi seems happy until she begins to think about Mamoru, at which point she basically loses it. The girls comfort her and Luna suggests that they all go to the Moon (1-800-555-NASA) to find out more about who they’re up against and to learn more about their past lives.

In the sneak peek for the next episode, the Sailor Guardians travel to the Moon, where they begin to learn more about the war that destroyed their home all those years ago. Plus, Sailor Moon runs into a familiar face from her past.

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 10 “Moon” will premiere Saturday, November 15, 2014.

What was your favourite part from “Sailor Moon Crystal” episode 9?

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