“Downton Abbey” Season 5, Episode 7 Recap: For Love And Misery

"Downton Abbey" Season 5, Episode 7 Recap: For Love And Misery
On "Downton Abbey" season 5, episode 7, Cora discovers Edith's shocking secret and Rose and Atticus take their relationship to the next level!

On Downton Abbey season 5, episode 7, Cora discovers Edith’s shocking secret, Rose and Atticus take their relationship to the next level, and Isobel makes a big announcement.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Young Love

Atticus’ parents were invited to Downton for a visit. His mother loves Rose but his father seems much more cautious about accepting Rose, a non-Jew, into his family. Despite everyone’s differing opinions on the young couple’s future, Atticus proposed at the end of the night (in secret, I might add). Is a happy ending in the cards for Rose and Atticus? Somehow, it doesn’t seem likely.

Hard Love

Anna and Mr. Bates are unable to conceive a child, a fact made even more sad by the fact that Mrs. Hughes discovers that Mady burned Bates’ train ticket – the one thing that could prove his innocence in the death of Green. The couple also aren’t too thrilled with Baxter after she spoke with the police about what she knew.

Poor Dog

Robert discovers that his dog, Isis, has cancer and will not be alive for much longer. At the end of the episode, Robert and Cora put Isis in bed between them so that the friendly canine will know that she’s not alone when she passes.

Make Up Your Mind, Mary

Mary desperately wants to be rid of Lord Gillingham and, in a previous episode, enlisted the help of Charles. Mary continues to complain that nothing she’s doing is working, but Charles points out that everytime she tells Gillingham that she’s not interested, she somehow pulls him back. Mary and Charles attend a movie in the same theatre as Gillingham and Lane Fox and set themselves up kissing outside so that Gillingham will finally take a hint and go away.

Isobel Getting Married

Isobel tells the family that she’s accepted Lord Merton’s marriage proposal and the two will be getting married. Mary suggests that they invite Merton’s two sons to Downton so that Isobel can properly meet them. You’ll remember one of Merton’s sons as the man who drugged Tom at dinner when he and Sybil were still someone newlyweds. Well, his ridiculous behaviour continues and he basically slams Isobel at dinner for being too middle class. They also manage to get a dig in at Atticus for being Jewish. Tom stands up and says, without any hesitation, “Why don’t you shut up, you bastard?” Yes! Merto and his sons leave, with Isobel wondering if she’s made the right decision.

Edith… Again

Rosamund and Violet decide that they must tell Cora the truth about Edith and Margiold. But, before they can, Mrs. Drewe shows up and insists on seeing her. She tells Cora everything. Cora is furious with Violet and Rosamund for keeping this from her and Cora and Rosamund head to London to bring Edith home.

While there, they insist on Edith coming home, but Edith refuses, telling them that she doesn’t want to be the town joke. Violet comes up with a plan to basically tell the family that the Drewes can’t afford to take care of Marigold and have asked Edith to take her. This all seems simple enough until they arrive back on the train, Anna catches a glimpse of Mr. Drewe with the child and gets suspicious, and Robert and Mary seem reluctant to the idea of bringing another person’s child into the house.


Tom is thinking about moving to America and runs the idea past his wide eyed daughter who doesn’t really understand what her father is talking about. Meanwhile, Daisy is starting to give up on her studies, so Mrs. Patmore and Molesley hatch a plan to have Daisy spend the day with Mr. Mason (her father-in-law) who convinces her not to give up because of how important a proper education really is. Plus, Violet confides in Mary that the reason she’s sad about Isobel’s engagement is because she feels as if she’s found a real companion and is afraid of losing it. Oh, and one night at dinner, Violet puts Mary in her place when she makes a comment about how Edith running away is really no big deal: “My dear, sometimes a lack of compassion can seem almost as vulgar as an excess of tears.”

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 8 will air Sunday, November 9 on ITV1.

What was your favourite moment from “Downton Abbey” season 5, episode 7?

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    The mother is but Atticus’s father is not concerned about his son being accepted into a non-Jewish household, but rather, that he may not accept Rose into his own household if she does not convert to Judaism.

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