Lifetime Has Officially Cancelled “Witches of East End” After Two Seasons

Lifetime Has Officially Cancelled "Witches of East End" After Two Seasons
Lifetime has announced that, after only two seasons, they've decided to cancel "Witches of East End."

Lifetime has announced that they’ve cancelled Witches of East End after only two seasons.

The show, which averaged 1.13 million viewers in its second season, followed the Ingrid, Freya, Joanna, and Wendy Beauchamp, all of whom are powerful witches who must contend with dark forces that plague their town of East End.

The second season finale, which would now be considered the series finale, left fans with quite a few cliffhangers that, unfortunately, will never be resolved.

The stars of the show took to Twitter to express their sadness over the cancellation, but also to thank fans for their continued support:

Likewise, fans of the show are equally as devastated about the news. While Witches of East End didn’t have a huge amount of viewers, it did have a very strong and devoted fan base:

Are you upset about the news that “Witches of East End” has been cancelled?

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