Olivia’s Mom Is Returning To “Scandal” For the Mid-Season 4 Finale

Olivia's Mom Is Returning To "Scandal" For the Mid-Season 4 Finale
Olivia's mom, Maya, is returning to "Scandal" for the mid-season 4 finale! What kind of drama will ensue?

Let’s hope Olivia is ready for the return of her devious mother, Maya, because Mama Pope is coming back during the mid-season 4 finale of Scandal.

The character, played by Khandi Alexander, was last seen at the end of season 3 when Olivia’s father, Rowan, framed her for the murder of the President’s son, Jerry, and had her locked up. However, Olivia and Fitz believe her to be dead.

The fall finale episode is titled “Where the Sun Don’t Shine,” and although no official synopsis has been released, perhaps the title could be alluding to the secluded prison where Maya is being held by Rowan?

Either way, I’m hoping that the whole Maya plot will wrap up soon, because while it makes for good TV, I’m eager for Olivia and Co. to go to battle with some fresh new enemies.

Scandal season 4, episode 9 “Where the Sun Don’t Shine” will air Thursday, November 20 at 9PM EST on ABC.

What are your theories about Maya’s return?

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