“The Legend of Korra” Book 4, Episode 6 Recap: Fighting For Freedom

Korra finally faces off with Kuvira on "The Legend of Korra" Book 4, episode 6 "Battle of Zaofu." Will the Avatar be able to take down the "Great Uniter"?
Korra finally faces off with Kuvira on "The Legend of Korra" Book 4, episode 6 "Battle of Zaofu." Will the Avatar be able to take down the "Great Uniter"?

Korra finally faces off with Kuvira on The Legend of Korra Book 4, episode 6 “Battle of Zaofu.” Will the Avatar be able to take down the “Great Uniter” and protect her friends or will Kuvira gain the upper hand and finally unite Zaofu as part of her new Earth Empire?

Warning: Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you can watch it on Nick.com!

Throw Varrick From The Train

On the train, Baatar tells Varrick that he will continue his work with the spirit vine. Varrick manages to convince them to let Bolin be his assistant.

While they’re working, and under the supervision of Baatar and other guards, Bolin questions why Varrick would want to help them? After all, they want to use the energy as a weapon. Varrick looks at Bolin and tells him that he knows what he’s doing.

When he finishes his work, he surprises everyone on the train by telling them that he’s built a bomb and that it will blow up in 5 minutes. Eventually, Baatar takes the threat seriously and evacuates the rest of the train, leaving Bolin and Varrick alone with the bomb. The two parts of the train detach and Bolin congratulates Varrick on his good job fooling everyone. Varrick admits that it really is a bomb and will go off any second. Freaking out, Bolin finds a hatch in the floor and grabs Varrick. He earthbends a hole in the ground and the two jump in, only seconds before the bomb goes off.

Watching from his speeding half of the train, Baatar admits that Varrick was seriously crazy since he clearly blew himself up.

Inside the large crater, a hole opens and Bolin and Varrick emerge. They’re clearly not in the best shape, but they’re alive, while everyone thinks they’re dead. Will this give them the upper-hand?

Battle of Zaofu

Suyin takes her two sons, Wing and Wei, in the cover of night, to assassinate Kuvira while she sleeps. They’re able to sneak into her camp, but are ambushed when they discover that the person sleeping in Kuvira’s tent is actually Zhu Li. The three of them are taken prisoner.

Kuvira makes an announcement to the people of Zaofu, telling them that Su broke the terms of their deal and has been captured. She promises not to harm anyone in the city if its leaders turn themselves over.

Opal tries desperately to convince Korra to fight Kuvira and end this once and for all. Jinora reminds Opal that she’s taken an oath of non-aggression as an airbender, but Opal doesn’t care. She knows that she needs to save her family. Eventually, Korra agrees to go talk with Kuvira and promises to do everything she can to stop her.

Korra, along with Opal and Jinora, meet Kuvira and her entire army on a large battlefield where Korra tries to talk Kuvira out of her plans. Unfortunately, Kuvira is determined to unite her “Earth Empire” completely and tells the Avatar that if she wants her not to invade Zaofu, Korra will have to physically stop her. The two prepare for a fight, with Kuvira upping the stakes. She says that if Korra wins, she can do whatever she wants with the city. If Kuvira wins, however, Korra has to get out of her way.

The two begin to fight, with Korra using all four elements (minus water). Kuvira is really fast though and manages to dodge 99% of the attacks. At this point, it’s clear that Korra is still oin recovery, because while Kuvira dodges each attack, Korra is consistently getting hit. Knocked down, Korra is urged by Su to go into the Avatar State. Korra takes the suggestion and blasts Kuvira with air. Using the Avatar State, Korra rises into the air with a boulder the size of a house, ready to crush the wounded “Great Uniter.” However, when she looks at Kuvira, she suddenly sees herself and instantly falls to the ground. Kuvira takes the opportunity to trap Korra in a rock cage and prepares to kill her.

Before Kuvira can strike, Jinora and Opal intervene, simultaneously blasting her with air. Kuvira, enraged, orders her army to attack. The two airbenders combine their abilities to form a massive tornado around themselves and the unconscious Korra. While Opal keeps the air moving, Jinora spirits herself to Ikki and Meelo in the Zaofu and asks them for help.

Ikki and Meelo arrive on Pepper, just in time. The three airbender siblings, Opal, and Korra all escape, with Suyin yelling to her daughter to “get out of here.”

Back in Zaofu, Kuvira has claimed the city and tells its citizens to bow to her. Those who do not obey will be imprisoned. Suyin’s husband, Baatar Sr., and her son, Huan, refuse to comply, even with Baatar Jr. demanding that they bow. He orders his family members to be taken away.

Later on, Baatar informs Kuvira of Bolin and Varrick’s death. He also tells her that he thinks he’ll be able to replicate the work they were doing. Kuvira assigns Zhu Li to be Baatar’s assistant, to which she happily complies. Is Zhu Li really on Kuvira’s side, or is she just biding her time until she’s able to find a safe way out?

The Legend of Korra Book 4, episode 7 will air Friday, November 14 on Nick.com!

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