Lana Parrilla Talks The Evil Queen’s Return To “Once Upon a Time”

Lana Parrilla Talks The Evil Queen's Return To "Once Upon a Time"
Will the Evil Queen be making a comeback to "Once Upon a Time"? Lana Parrilla recently spoke about the possible return!

In the short amount of time since season 4 of Once Upon a Time premiered, we’ve seen Regina, formerly the Evil Queen, face the temptation of dark magic. Will Regina return to her ways to get what she wants?

Lana Parrilla recently spoke with TV Guide about the possibility that the Evil Queen might be making a comeback:

“She is heartbroken and dealing with the loss of Robin Hood and she’s not handling that so well,” Parrilla said in the interview. “If you break up with someone, do you want to see them everyday? Not necessarily.”

At the end of season 3, Emma accidentally brought Marian back from the past and inadvertently reunited her with her husband and Regina’s boyfriend, Robin Hood. But now, Marian has been put under an ice spell by the Snow Queen and the only way to save her is with true love’s kiss. The only problem is that Robin Hood loves Regina. Regina is doing everything she can to keep Robin Hood away from her so that he can save his wife.

“She wants to be with him, she wants to be his girl, and yet he’s such an honourable man, so she respects that and the best thing to do is keep their distance,” Parrilla points out.

But, will the Evil Queen be making a return? “I always say that when it comes to Regina, she always has that evil impulse. She’s very temperamental and she wants to act out, but she also knows that in doing so, she’s going to lose Henry.”

Finally, Parrilla discusses the reason behind her wearing the Evil Queen’s dress in modern day Storybrooke. “It’s a really interesting episode I think everyone is going to enjoy,” she says. “Well, something happens where she’s kind of out of control. This kind of just happens to her.”

In the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time, titled “The Snow Queen,” saw Emma manipulated, by the Snow Queen, into thinking that her family was actually scared of her because of the magic that she possessed. The anger that she felt as a result of these allegations lead to her magic lashing out and ultimately hurting her father, David. Will something similar happen to Regina? Perhaps the Snow Queen will be able to manipulate Regina, as she did to Emma, and somehow force her to resume her role as the Evil Queen.

Once Upon a Time season 4, episode 8 “Smash the Mirror” will air Sunday, November 16 at 8PM EST on ABC.

Do you think Regina will ultimately return to being the Evil Queen?

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