“Supernatural” Season 10, Episode 5 Recap: 200th Episode And Fan Fiction!

"Supernatural" Season 10, Episode 5 Recap: 200th Episode!
It was an ode to fan fiction on the 200th episode of "Supernatural" this week!

Supernatural began as a story about two brothers searching for their father, killing various supernatural creatures along the way. Now, ten years later, we have reached a milestone most television shows can only dream of: 200 episodes. Over the weekend the cast and crew, both past and present, celebrated this big moment in the show’s history at the CW fan party. This episode was all about pleasing the fans, showcasing things that many of us were happy to have, such as a singing, dancing, and, of course, Destiel, in the form of Dean and Castiel’s musical actresses. The title of the episode was even “Fan Fiction” which turned out to be a wonderful and funny tribute to the fans and to 200 episodes of Supernatural. Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Jared Paradelecki all joined in on the fun by live tweeting throughout the entire event!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The first scene begins with rehearsal for “Supernatural: The Musical”, an adaptation of the prophet Chuck’s book series about the Winchester brothers, introduced way back when. A girl named Marie, the writer and director of the production, is irate as things aren’t quite meeting her creative vision. The drama teacher, Mrs. Chandler,  gets up and decides that the play is silly and that she is going to have it shut down first thing in the morning. Marie insists that, since the show isn’t officially shut down, they continue practicing. Outside, their drama teacher is on the phone complaining about the play but catches something strange in the bushes and is taken by vines, leaving behind her phone and a strange purple flower.

After a montage of every season’s intro, we join Dean, who’s covered in grease from working on the impala. He ecides that this is, in fact, their kind of case despite Sam’s slight hesitation. They drive to the school in their usual pseudo-FBI get ups, unaware of what they are about to face. The police have informed them of where the teacher was last seene. Naturally, they head to the auditorium to interview the students, but instead walk in on “Bobby” trying to figure out how to say “idjits” properly, “Castiel” practicing his/her famous line, “Hey assbutt!,” and even actress Dean singing about Mary’s death and how they became hunters.  Both are absolutely astonished to yet again be the victims of a teenager;s fan fiction (if only they knew). The boys begin asking Marie and her stage manager/ understudy, Jodie Mills, questions, but good old Dean protests the singing saying, “There is no singing in Supernatural!” despite the number of times that they have in fact sung. They split to explore the set for EMF or cursed objects, discovering the wonders of the BM scene (not bowel movement but boy melodrama scene) with some added subtext, and Destiel with a little more subtext than usual. FYI, you can’t spell subtext without S-E-X. Sam is very amused at the idea of Destiel, questioning it’s pronunciation, why they don’t have Sastiel, and even calling it Casdean much to Dean’s annoyance. They decide that the only case there is a case of bad writing.

However, later that night Maggie, Sam’s actress, quits and threatens to shut down the play but is taken by a scarecrow monster right in front of Marie. The Winchesters, or rather Agents Smith and Smith, no relation, tell Marie and May the truth, that they are in fact the real Winchester brothers. The girls laugh, thinking them idiots. Moving along they decide that the creature must be a Tulpa, a mass of psychic energy from large amounts of thought focused towards one idea. Marie and Dean head to the boiler room to end the prop scarecrow while Sam researches for the flower. After burning the prop, Sam reveals that it is not a Tulpa, but rather Calliope, the Greek muse of the epic poetry. Her goal is to protect Marie’s creation and stop all who oppose it long enough so that she can feast upon Marie. The boys plan to keep the play going, but to wait backstage so as to kill Calliope to keep Marie safe and to save Maggie and Mrs. Chandler.

Opening night begins and the scarecrow shows up, taking Sam into the basement to join Calliope and his other victims. The Muse telekinetically throws Sam into the wall, explaining why she wants Supernatural. Because it’s real, it has life, death, resurrection, redemption and above al l- family. She also says that she hates the second act since it contains robots and tentacles and that “She can’t even.” You want some Starbucks and a pair of Ugg boots with that Callie? But Maggie and Mrs. Chandler kill her, ending the play with a blue gooey bang. During intermission, Marie gives Dean the prop Samulet, telling him he should have never thrown it away. He says he doesn’t need a symbol to represent how he feels about his brother, but keeps it anyway upon Marie’s request. The boys stick around for the final scene, a cover of “Carry On My Wayward Son.” For the first time, they connect the song with their life story. They ride off into the sunset, just like old times.

But, we aren’t done yet. Back at the school May tells Marie that she has a visitor and to unleash her inner fangirl. She struggles to speak, for obvious reasons. Chuck was there all along.

This was a great tribute to all the years of Supernatural fandom, even poking fun at the two of brothers. There were so many great jokes, lines, and songs in this episode it would be impossible to fully represent it in a single recap, so I strongly urge those who haven’t to watch it. Also, all songs sung in this episode are available for download on iTunes!

Don’t forget, Supernatural season 10, episode 6 “Ask Jeeves: airs Tuesday, November 18 at 8PM EST on the CW!

What did you think of the 200th episode of “Supernatural”?

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