Nowhere To Grow But Up In First “Girls” Season 4 Poster

Nowhere To Grow But Up In First "Girls" Season 4 Poster
The first poster for "Girls" season 4 has been released, along with the tagline "Nowhere to grow but up."

The first promotional poster for Girls season 4 has been released and features the four main cast members staring longingly up at the sky.

While last season’s main poster represented the girls’ wild and irresponsible side, this new poster for season 4 seems to represent the decisions that they have to make and the growing up that is about to occur.

Nowhere To Grow But Up In First "Girls" Season 4 Poster

As of the end of season 3, Hannah is on her way to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Marnie is still a struggling singer playing the local bar scene with the engaged man she’s also sleeping with, Jessa has absolutely no idea what she’s doing with anything, and Shoshana is just trying to graduate from university while still retaining some semblance of sanity in an otherwise confusing world.

Season 4’s ten episode run will likely see the friends hitting a crossroads in their lives, with nothing left to do but grow up and get their acts together. But, if previous seasons of the high HBO show are any indication, growing up is easier said than done.

If you missed the first trailer, released earlier this month, make sure to watch it below:

Perhaps one of the biggest steps that they’ll each have to take on the road to “growing up” is figuring out what exactly that means to each of them. As the trailer shows, Hannah gauges her maturity by the fact that she now eats grapes as a snack.

Girls season 4 will premiere January 11, 2015 on HBO.

What are your predictions for “Girls” season 4?

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