“Once Upon a Time” Season 4, Episode 11 Deleted Scene: Regina, Snow Queen Flashback

"Once Upon a Time" Season 4, Episode 11 Deleted Scene- Regina, Snow Queen Flashback
A deleted scene from last night's new episode of "Once Upon a Time" has surfaced and shows Regina meeting Ingrid (the Snow Queen) in a flashback.

A deleted scene from last night’s new episode of Once Upon a Time, titled “Shattered Sight,” has surfaced and shows Regina meeting Ingrid (the Snow Queen) in a flashback.

Watch the full clip below:

When Regina walks into the ice cream shop, she asks the mysterious woman, “Just who the hell are you?” Ingrid replies, “I’m the ice cream lady. Would you like to try some Chunky Monkey?” Regina takes offense to Ingrid’s offering of ice cream and replies, “Do you see this figure? Do I look like I eat Chunky Monkey?”

In order to keep up the ruse that she’s one of the people brought to Storybrooke by Regina’s curse, Ingrid pretends that she doesn’t know why she works in the ice cream shop and that she “hates the cold.”

During season 4, episode 11, the Snow Queen’s Spell of Shattered Sight had finally infected the townspeople, turning them against one another. Snow and Charming were hit hard and took to knocking each other verbally, locked inside their respective cells.

Regina, overcome with her former identity as the Evil Queen, finds Snow White at the jail and the two engage in a duel after Regina threatens to take baby Neal.

The Snow Queen was ultimately defeated after Anna discovered a letter, written by her and Elsa’s mother, professing her regret over trapping her sister inside the Urn for all those years. Knowing that her sister loved her was enough to change the Snow Queen’s mind about what she had done. She sacrificed herself in order to stop the spell.

Once Upon a Time‘s winter finale, season 4, episode 12 “Heroes and Villains” will air Sunday, December 14 at 8PM EST on ABC!

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